SuperChic Lacquer If The Golden Slipper Fits Swatches & Review

by Lisa Heath

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We are now on day 7 of the SuperChic Lacquer Into The Woods Collection Reveal! After today there are only 3 reveals left, and then there will be a fun giveaway on September 1st, which is also the day the collection releases, along with the new Marvel Liquid Macro Top Coat!

Day 7 brings us If The Golden Slipper Fits!

 If The Golden Slipper Fits

If The Golden Slipper Fits

If The Golden Slipper Fits is the purest gold metallic base adorned with strong blue iridescent shimmer and a subtle scattered holographic.  I love this shade as a nice palette cleanser!  While it is gold, it does have that nice neutral appearance that makes it a “safe” shade with a little pizzazz.  Very pretty and very elegant looking!

  I used 2 coats and the Marvel Liquid Macro Top Coat to seal it in.

If The Golden Slipper Fits side

If The Golden Slipper Fits CU

Only 3 days left of reveals and then an amazing giveaway! I absolutely cannot wait!

Price: $10.00 

Where To Buy: SuperChic Lacquer Shop

Release Date: September 1st, 2014

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter Instagram

So what did you think?  I’d love to hear it!

Keep an eye out for Day 8 tomorrow!

You can view a few of the swatches I have of SuperChic Lacquer in the Swatch Gallery

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