Sunny’s Body Products Princess Box Review

by Lisa Heath
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Sunny’s Body Products Princess Box Review

Press Sample for Sunny’s Body Products
Princess Box Review

Tonight before I crash – I have the Sunny’s Body Products Princess Box review to share with you!


Sunny is a HUGE Disney Princess fan, so she created an amazing box inspired by that love! The Princess Box contains 12 items with scents exclusive to the box. Each scent is inspired by her favorite characters, and I quite enjoy them! I’ve spent the last week sampling them and testing them out!

Let’s take a look (and check out the labels – they are super cute!)


Sugar Hand Scrub: The Lost Princess: (inspired by Rapunzel) Humid nights in a damp, outdoor garden, fresh, brisk, mossy and grassy, with potted soil and terra-cotta stones and concrete statues.

Sugar Scrubs are perfect to exfoliate your hands (or elbows or knees… anywhere really!) without being too rough. Perfect to use at night before applying Hand Butter!

Bath Whip: Wishing Well: (inspired by Snow White) Dreamy, angelic composition opens with bright bergamot citrus then quickly trails to a mix of white florals, jasmine, iris and orris that sets on a delicate vanilla, sandalwood musk silver lining

Bath Whip is a smooth luxurious bath wash that foams and leaves you feeling smooth and clean. It looks like a lotion, but when in contact with water it lathers up like a nice, creamy body wash.


Miracle Balm: Be Our Guest: (inspired by Belle) A bed of roses surrounded by gardenias and plumerias.

Miracle Balm is an all in one product.  Originally created as a cuticle balm, it also works to soften rough patches of skin.

Hand Butter: Glass Slippers: (inspired by Cinderella) A clean, refreshing fragrance – floral jasmine, lily of the valley, carnation

This is a thick hand butter that needs to be used in SMALL amounts, otherwise it will feel too greasy.  In small amounts it melts into your hands and helps soften them up.

On The Go Lotion: Let it Go: (inspired by Elsa) Cool mints, camphor and bitter woods highlight a winter trek through the driven snow.

 On The Go Hand Lotion is a perfect lotion to pop in your purse or bag to carry with you. It isn’t as thick as the hand butter, so it absorbs quickly and is great for constant use (if needed!)

My son hates Frozen and the song ‘Let It Go’ – so I showed him this and started singing really loudly… and he isn’t happy with me now.


Body Balm: Bring Honor to Us: (inspired by Mulan) white baby tea leaves harmonized for balanced reflective moods.

All Over Body Balm is basically Miracle Balm in a tube!  This is a chapstick sized tubed with balm in it that you can apply to rough areas that need some extra care like elbows or even cuticles if you don’t like using balm in the pot.

Lip Balm: Almost There: (inspired by Tiana) delicious warm beignets fresh out of the oven and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Sunny’s Lip Savers are scented, but not flavored. Sunny’s Lip Saver is a lip balm that helps your lips no matter what season it is.

Cuticle Oil: A Whole New World: (inspired by Princess Jasmine) rich base of vanilla, musk and sandalwood well balanced by lively top notes of jasmine, lavender and orange.

Sunny’s cuticle oil is what made me fall in love with the Sunny’s Body Product line.  These come in a glass rollerball container and keeps my cuticles moisturized, even on the go.

Dry Spot Healer: Colors of the Wind: (inspired by Pocahontas) Succulent fruits, berries, currants and tree ripened oranges accent this cool, moist mossy undertones of soil, fallen leaves and sagebrush.

This is a cream that gives a giant moisture boost to your skin when needed. A little goes a long way, so don’t overdo it. Perfect for dry spots (as the name suggests) and is gentle enough to use on the face or body.


Triple Thick Lotion: You Want Thingamabobs? (inspired by Ariel) Cool and refreshing aquatic notes deepened with water lilies and ocean breezes.

Triple Thick Body Lotion is a luxurious creme for the entire body – especially dry areas such as knees and elbows.

Lip Scrub: Blue Dress, Pink Dress: (inspired by Aurora) sweet spun sugar surrounds soft barley

This is a gentle, but effective lip scrub to get your lips smooth and get rid of peeling, flakey lips. I love matte lipsticks which tend to dry my lips out, so the combination of the new lip scrub plus lip saver are perfect for me!

Intensive Cuticle Oil: Be Brave: (inspired by Merida) Refreshing combo of woods, pines and cool misty breezes

 If you have especially dry cuticles, Intensive Therapy Cuticle Oil is perfect for you! I use this at night and normal cuticle oil during the day.

Sunny’s Body Products Princess Box Review Overview


Such a fun box! I love all the scents selected to represent each princess. The variety of scents was also really nice for this box. From airy and crisp to sweet to floral. I didn’t find any of the fragrances overwhelming either.

Price: $50.00

Where To Buy: 365 Days Of Color Website

This box released today, so they are available now! You get such a wonderful assortment of goodies with a really fun theme!

Have a wonderful night!

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Jules May 19, 2016 - 3:10 am

This is my first time to hear and see this brand and products. And I am impressed. So interested on every product for they really seem good ones to try out.


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