Slice Products Cosmetic Sharpener and Soft Touch Tweezers Review

by Lisa Heath

Slice Products Cosmetic Sharpener and Soft Touch Tweezers Review

Today I have two fun products to show you from Slice Products.  Slice Products carries a wide variety of items from office products to beauty care!

I wanted to share a little about the company!

Your goal is to slice. Our goal is to help you do it with style, beauty, and grace. That’s why every Slice™ cutting tool is a passionate celebration of bold design mixed with extraordinary function and forward-thinking safety features.

Slice was founded in 2008 by TJ Scimone as a way to help fund long-term care for his son, Alex, who is autistic. A minimum of 1% of all Slice product sales is donated to help fund autism research. By purchasing Slice products, you’re helping to find a cure for the millions of children and their families who live with autism every day.

I will be showing you two Slice products!  The first is the Slice Soft Touch Tweezers and the second will be the Slice Cosmetic Sharpener.

Soft Touch Tweezers:


The Slice Soft Touch Tweezers features an ergonomically shaped soft touch red rubberized grip, professional grade stainless steel, a wide grip and perfectly aligned slanted edges.  This was incredibly easy to use and to hold onto.  I was able to comfortably hold the tweezers and they did a great job grabbing even the finest hair and pulling the hair out effortlessly.  The tweezers I received are slanted, but Slice does carry a pointed tip as well as a combination tip to match your preference.  Slice Soft Touch Tweezers retail for $19.99.  If you prefer full stainless steel tweezers, Slice also makes the same tweezers without the red rubberized grip for the same price.

Slice Cosmetic Sharpener:


The Slice Cosmetic Sharpener is SO much better than any cosmetic pencil sharpener I have used.  Much like the Soft Touch Tweezers, it also features the same red rubberized grip around the whole casing which makes it very comfortable to hold.  The Cosmetic Sharpener also features dual German stainless steel blades, a removable adapter ring so you can also sharpen cosmetic crayons,  a built-in cleaning pick and a compact design which catches the shavings in a small compartment.  I’m use to the small cheap cosmetic sharpeners, so this was a real treat for me to use.  The blades were nice and sharp and didn’t break the tip of any of the pencils I tested it out with.  The cleaning pick makes it easy to dislodge any shavings that might catch inside the blades.  The rubberized grip really makes it easier and more comfortable to sharpen all types of cosmetic pencils.  I used it to sharpen a few of my most “loved” cosmetic pencils and the Slice Cosmetic Sharpener did a great job sharpening without giving the pencils rough edges or catching the tip of the pencil and mangling it.  The Slice Cosmetic Sharpener retails for $9.99

Here is the Cosmetic Sharpener completely opened up – it reveals 3 pieces when completely taken apart:

And here are the 3 cosmetic pencils I sharpened with the Slice Cosmetic Sharpener:

Just based on these 2 products, I will definitely look into more Slice products in the future.  They both feel sturdy and well made.

Make sure you check out Slice Products on their website

Retail Price for Soft Touch Tweezers: $19.99

Retail Price for Cosmetic Sharpener: $9.99

***Products in this post were provided for review.  All opinions are my own***

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