Serum No 5 April 2015 Swatches & Review

by Lisa Heath

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I have another “One and Done” monthly shade from Serum No 5 to share with you tonight.  I already showed you January and February but I completely dropped the ball for March (tax season and real life threw me for a loop.. sorry!)

April 2015 might just be my favorite to date though!  Like all of Serum No 5’s monthly shades, once these sell out, that’s it!  No more will be restocked.

April 2015

April 2015

April 2015 is a glow in the dark topper with blue and purple glitters with a slight blue to green shimmer and holo dusting. I used 1 coat over a white creme, but it can be used over a ton of shades.

April 2015 side

April 2015 CU

April 2015 macro

Here it is in the dark…

April 2015 glow in the dark

April 2015 is a “one and done” polish, which means once it’s out of stock then that is it!

Application wise, it was perfect.  1 coat got amazing coverage and PLENTY of glitter for each nail.  The glow factor of it was fabulous as well.

Price: $13.00

Where To Buy: Serum No 5 Website

Release Date: April 1st, 2015

To follow Serum No 5 on Social Media – check out these links:

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What did you think of April 2015? Have you grabbed any of her “one and done” monthly shades yet?

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Deborah April 4, 2015 - 12:57 am

I like that it’s a topper, that way you can put these cute baby on top of everything :D!

Brooke @ Blushing Noir April 4, 2015 - 6:43 am

I am drooling over April 2015! I LOVE it! The main photo especially makes me want to steal your nails!

B Nailed To Perfection(Bethany) April 4, 2015 - 8:23 am

Ooo this is sooo pretty

Ali April 4, 2015 - 8:51 am

Absolutely lovely! What a perfect mix of glitters!

Nicole C April 4, 2015 - 10:46 am

Gorgeous! I love all the different glitters in this! I don’t own any Serum No 5 yet, but they’ve always intrigued me :)

Katherine April 4, 2015 - 4:15 pm

Prettyyyy! That’s amazing glitter payoff for one coat!

Phyrra April 4, 2015 - 5:02 pm

I love the glow in the dark!

Jenny Gilmore April 5, 2015 - 6:08 am

This is really pretty! The glowing effect is definitely unexpected because it certainly doesn’t look like it would glow at first glance.

Katie Rae Nystuen April 5, 2015 - 9:32 am

Its like a floral manicure without having to paint the flowers! I love the mix of bright glitters in the white base. And your macro shot had me drooling at first glance.

Lothwen April 5, 2015 - 2:53 pm

Oh the colours of the glitters totally speak to me! And it’s GITD as well, whoa!! I love it!

Betzy Carmona April 5, 2015 - 3:24 pm

Very pretty

Lola's Secret Beauty Blog April 5, 2015 - 3:48 pm

Oh my, is April 2015 ever a GORGEOUS polish! I want this!

Kath TheFabZilla April 5, 2015 - 10:45 pm

such a tricky name, I associate serums w/ face products instantaneously.

Shipra April 6, 2015 - 5:17 am

I don’t believe I’ve ever tried this brand, but I’ve seen it everywhere and this one especially is GORGEOUS! <3 I love the complexity of it! Beautiful! :)

Roselynn April 7, 2015 - 8:01 pm

I definitely need more Serum no 5 polishes in my collection, they always have such a stunning glow.


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