Are you a blue polish lover?  If you are, then this Salon Perfect review is for you!

Over the weekend I reviewed 2 other Salon Perfect Duos that have recently released in Walmart.  The Neon Pop Duo as well as an In Bloom Duo.  Today I will be showing you another In Bloom Duo that contains 2 blue creme lacquers in Baby Blues and Smooth Sailing.

Baby Blues

Baby Blues

Baby Blues is a medium, slightly dusty, baby blue creme.  Application is perfect, but make sure you wear a good base coat.  I had a slight case of Smurf nails when I removed it.  I used 2 coats for these photos.

Baby Blues Side

Baby Blues CU

Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing is a rich blue creme.  I used 2 coats for these photos and application was amazing.  Much like Baby Blues though, make sure you don’t skimp on the base coat!

Smooth Sailing side

Smooth Sailing CU


Slight staining aside, these polishes applied well and had a nice rich pigmentation to them.  The staining can be avoided if you use a good base coat (and not the cheap, no name brand stuff I decided to bust out for these… ) then you should be ok.

Price: $4.98 for the Duo (yes, for BOTH of these shades!)

Where To Buy: Walmart 

I still have one more Salon Perfect Duo to show you and then we’re going to dive into the Nail Art Sets I received!  Fun fun!  Can’t wait to show you!

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I’m Lisa, a 36 year old mother of one energetic little boy. I live right outside of San Francisco with my son and my boyfriend. I work full time in an accounting office during the day and as a beauty blogger at night.



    I had my nails blue for the last two weeks, these are LOVELY!

  2. I can deal with the staining issue for two polishes at a great price. Like you said, just use a top notch base.

  3. I ARODE that dark blue color….I hate getting smurf nails after removing a blue polish. I feel your pain!

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