Rite Aid Renewal Large Professional Wedges & Nail Art!

by Lisa Heath

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Every month I receive some fabulous boxes from Rite Aid with some of their current in store offerings.  There’s a nice assortment of goodies and this month I was so excited to see these bad boys in my box…

Sponges out

That’s right, their latex free cosmetic wedges!

While these are most known for applying cosmetics such as foundation, I actually use them a ton for nail art!  These are PERFECT for gradient nails and I was running low, so thanks Rite Aid!

How do I use them? Well lets walk through the basics…

Rum Me The Right Way

I wanted to go BRIGHT since the weather is heating up out here.  I grabbed this gorgeous yellow and painted my base color.


Once completely dry I used my good ol’ Crystalline Nail Veil from Color4Nails and applied it around my nails.  This allows for easy to no cleanup when doing messier nail art.


Then I grabbed a Rite Aid Renewal Wedge and painted a section with my base yellow and then a connecting patch with my second color of choice, which was an orangey coral!

I dabbed the sponge over my nail moving it just so slightly so the coral covered about half the nail.  I kept it darker at the nail tip and let it fade into the yellow around the middle of the nail, then I top coat while it’s still a little wet to help smooth it out.

I can’t leave well enough alone, so I also added a holo micro glitter top coat!


And close up…

gradient macro

I LOVE it!  SO easy and this took me about 30 minutes from applying the base to adding my glittery top coat.

Rite Aid wedges were easy to use and large, so you can rip pieces off (for those you like small sections of wedge vs a large one)

Make sure to pick up some Rite Aid Renewal Professional Wedges next time you visit Rite Aid and play with some nail art! Want some new polish to play with too?  Check out their fabulous nail bar located in the beauty section… seriously – you can’t miss it!

And keep an eye out!  I have an exciting post coming up about their next Beauty Extravaganza Event!

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Arathael April 30, 2015 - 11:56 pm

I should do more gradients now that I have a liquid latex…this is nice and sunny (and sparkly)!

Lisa Heath May 1, 2015 - 8:40 am

The liquid latex makes it SO much better!

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