Reader Request: Mentality Humanity vs Illamasqua Hemlock Comparison

by Lisa Heath

***Added 7/23/15 – please read this announcement ***

If you have purchased from Mentality from April 2015 – June 2015 and you are experiencing sensitivity, itchiness or burning, please contact Mentality directly to have your polishes replaced. Their email is [email protected]

I personally did NOT experience any reactions when using these polishes, but many did. Please know I would have been fully transparent had I known the damage that was being caused. Again, please read the announcement above and by clicking on it, you will be taken to Mentality’s initial statement regarding the issue.

Last night I posted a sneak peek of Mentality Humanity and I was asked to compare it to Illamasqua Hemlock!  The obvious difference without swatching was that Humanity is a holographic polish while Hemlock is not.

I’ll show you the photos and let them speak for themselves!

Humanity vs Hemlock:


Humanity is on my index and ring finger, Hemlock is on my middle and pinkie finger.  Both polishes have a gorgeous light green glow and color shift and they are close if you remove the holo aspect, but Humanity (aside from the holo) has a touch more silver in the base.  Definitely not dupes – but both are gorgeous in their own way.  Another thing to note – I only used 3 coats of Humanity, Hemlock needed 5 to reach full opacity.

A few more shots:





And that wraps it up!  Similar color shift, but not dupes at all!

You can find Illamasqua Hemlock on the Sephora Website for $17.00

You can find Mentality Humanity in the Mentality Shop for $7.00

Have a great night!

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Eva May 3, 2013 - 7:24 pm

Mentality is SO much prettier than the Illamasqua…

Lisa May 3, 2013 - 8:26 pm

I’m sure the creators are loving your comment! Mentality does an AMAZING job! <3

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