Pretty & Polished Mani Melt & Shower Bomb Review

by Lisa Heath

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Today I have 2 fabulous bath and body products to share with you from Pretty & Polished. I received a Mani Melt as well as a Shower Bomb.

I enjoy my bath and body goodies and try to use them when I have a spare moment, so having the chance to review some gives me an excellent excuse to be left alone for a bit (it’s for the blog!) but I also get the opportunity to try some new things.

Mani Melt in Red Lychee Tea

Mani Melt

Mani Melts are similar in prep work as a mani bomb, but for me they are much more luxurious. Mani Melts generally contain more moisturizing ingredients to soothe the skin and fight dryness. You simply drop the Mani Melt into a bowl filled with warm water and let it melt into the water. Then you dip your hands or just your fingers in for about 5 minutes. Once done, you pat your hands down and rub the excess oils into your hands.

Red Lychee Tea has an intriguing and inviting scent. It’s a lighter scent with a lovely fruity yet floral scent and the slight earthiness of tea.

Wind Down Shower Bomb

Shower Bomb

Now this sucker is probably my favorite for a few reasons. First – I don’t get a ton of time to take baths, so while I love bath bombs – they usually get used by my son long before I have time. Second – the scent is absolutely amazing.

Shower Bombs are basically the shower version of bath bombs. When you start up your shower you place one shower bomb near your feet in the direct shower stream (but away from the drain) and let the steam from the shower bring the scent up to you and relax you. Wind Down is a mix of lavender and vanilla, and at the end of a long day, the lavender scent is so relaxing! The vanilla helps mellow out the lavender scent.

While I haven’t used Shower Bombs in the past, Nick has – usually ones with eucalyptus or a minty type scent of some sort to help with allergies.

Definitely a product everyone needs to try!

Pretty & Polished Mani Melts and Shower Bombs Overview


These were definitely fun to try out and both are items I would use again, but mostly the Shower Bomb purely for convenience. I shower daily so I could use these easily with my normal shower routine. Mani Melts are fun, and if you like doing “mani cocktails” then a mani melt adds an AMAZING boost to mani bombs if you need the added moisture (for bath cocktails I usually use half a bath bomb and half a bath melt).

Price: $1.75 Mani Melt | $2.00 Shower Bomb

Where To Buy: Pretty & Polished Shop

Pretty & Polished Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

You can find more Mani Melt scents as well as another Shower Bomb (Clean & Calm). I’ll need to try out the Clean & Calm for Nick since that one has eucalyptus and spearmint which may help his allergies!

I also recently did a post on Pretty & Polished’s Happy Hour Collection, so check that out if you haven’t!

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Marisa July 19, 2015 - 5:36 pm

These both sound lovely! I really want to try out the shower bombs, because they’d fit in so easily with my daily routine.

Jenna July 19, 2015 - 6:02 pm

The shower bomb is so much more my speed than the mani bombs. Great review of these!

Deborah July 20, 2015 - 8:49 am

Funny, I never heard of mani melts before but I can see why they’d be a pleasure to use!

Jenny Gilmore July 21, 2015 - 6:44 pm

I’m really wanting to try a shower bomb! I never have times for baths either, so this concept is intriguing.


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