Press Sample of Nuest Magical Jelly Highlighter
All 5 Shades!

I have a really fun review for you all tonight! We are going to be looking at all 5 Magical Jelly Highlighters from Nuest Cosmetics!

This is my first time playing with Jelly Highlighters, but I am noticing them coming out more and more.  Right now the Nuest Jelly Highlighters come in 5 shades: Pink Luster, Metallic Bronze, Gold Rush, Ruby Kiss and Twinkle Star.

Nuest Cosmetics is also Cruelty Free and Vegan

What is it?  It’s a jelly textured highlighter with a fresh, bouncy texture that can be used all over the face and body to add shimmer and a dewy glow. You can use them alone or mix with foundation and blend as well.

I also really loved mixing a little in with my moisturizer.

The Nuest Jelly Highlighters are water based and have a quick drying formula.

When I first received these, I was in love with the cute packaging. They all come in a box shaped like a little purse with a ribbon strap. The boxes are easy to reassemble too, so if you want to hold onto them you can. I was scared to open the first one in case I couldn’t put them back together – but they are actually really simple.

Look how adorable!

When you open the “purse” the Nuest Magical Jelly Highlighter is nestled inside.

Each  Nuest Magical Jelly Highlight Jar contains .33 oz of product. A little goes a really long way – so you don’t need a lot. I would barely tap my finger into them and got enough product.

Initially my issue with these were that I applied with my finger, and I’m not big with sticking my finger into pots of product – especially with my nails.  Then I remembered that I had Silisponge from Nuest Cosmetics (sorry I forgot to photograph it, but I will have another review up for those as well soon!) and used one of those to pick up product and apply it. I don’t recommend a beauty blender because it just didn’t apply the same and left a sort of textured look instead. I love my Beauty Blender, but this simply wasn’t a job for it.

From Left To Right: Twinkle Star | Pink Luster | Gold Rush | Ruby Kiss | Metallic Bronze

Here are the Nuest Magical Jelly HIghlighter shades side by side on my arm. I kind of packed them on for this so you could see them a bit better, but they do sheer out a lot more.

Let’s take a closer look at each shade, and a more sheered out look at the colors.

Nuest Magical Jelly Highlighter | Twinkle Star

Twinkle Star is the lightest and probably most magical of all the shades.  It’s hard to capture in photos so I wasn’t able to sheer it out for this swatch as much as I wanted.

Twinkle Star is a soft white jelly highlighter and it has a very fine shimmery look that shifts from a soft aqua to pink. It’s very delicate and my favorite of the group.

Again – I did not sheer this out because it almost disappears into my skin and didn’t pick up the pink.

Nuest Magical Jelly Highlighter | Pink Luster

My second favorite of the group – Pink Luster.  This is a softer pink gel with aqua to pink shimmer that’s also incredibly delicate.

When sheered out, it looks similar to Twinkle Star but with just a hint more color.

Nuest Magical Jelly Highlighter | Gold Rush

Gold Rush is a pale gold gel base with gold shimmer. The shimmer is a lot more apparent in this one than in the previous two shades. It’s not super loud on, but you will notice it a lot more anyway.

Nuest Magical Jelly Highlighter | Ruby Kiss

Now we’re onto the last 2 shades which appear the darkest, but when sheered out, you see a pinch of color and a bit more shimmer and shimmery flecks mixed in.

Ruby Kiss is a warm almost peachy red with pink and gold shimmer. As you can see below, the sheered out version isn’t as scary as it looks in the pot.

Nuest Magical Jelly Highlighter | Metallic Bronze

Metallic Bronze is a lighter coppery gel base with gold shimmer and micro flecks. Of the 5 – this has the most shimmer and shimmery flecks mixed in.

Nuest Magical Jelly Highlighter | All 5 Shades!

My overall feelings? I actually really like them. They are different (in a good way!), easy to use and really blendable. They are water based so they don’t have a tacky, gloss feeling to them and once they dry down – it really doesn’t feel like you are wearing them at all. They fully dry down in about 30-45 seconds.

My only small issue is that I have larger pores so the 3 with more pronounced shimmer and shimmer flecks accentuate that a tad. Not overly – but just enough that I didn’t reach for them as much. I actually preferred them on other areas like my lips (you can wear them there too!) where I don’t mind as much. If you are like me and fear the larger shimmer particles because you weren’t blessed with naturally smooth skin – then Twinkle Star and Pink Luster are more for you as well.

I do recommend a silicone sponge for application so you aren’t dipping into the pots with your finger as well.

All 5 shades are really good for various skintones since they sheer out or can be built up.  They are usable head to toe as well. You can use them on your cheeks, eyes, lips, shoulders, brow bone, nose, shoulders – basically anywhere you want to accentuate.

Initially I thought the price tag was a little high, however I’ve been using these daily for a little over a month now (mostly Twinkle Star and Pink Luster) and I’ve barely made a dent – so they do last awhile, which makes me more comfortable with the price tag.

Price: $28.00 Each | $45.00 For A Duo Pack | $90.00 For All 5

Where To Buy: Nuest Cosmetics Shop 

Nuest Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Hope you enjoyed this review! Make sure you check out Nuest Cosmetics online – they have these fun Magical Jelly Highlighters as well as those fun clear mood lipsticks and cute brushes, and the Sillisponge which you’ll see here soon.

Have a question? Ask it below and I’ll see if I can answer it!

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I’m Lisa, a 36 year old mother of one energetic little boy. I live right outside of San Francisco with my son and my boyfriend. I work full time in an accounting office during the day and as a beauty blogger at night.


  1. I got an email about these and forgot to follow up with the PR but I was intrigued by them! I love Ruby Kiss!

  2. I have Pink Luster and Ruby Kiss. They add such a fun touch to doing my makeup. I’ve used them on my eyes as a last step and they look really pretty that way. I need to find my silicone sponge now since I hadn’t thought to try it with these. Love the packaging!

  3. I kin of want to get them all and just put glitter on everything. I kind of feel like we can just look like the people from The Hunger Games now. Lets go for it!

  4. I love the cute packaging, and I’m a fan of gel type makeup. These are tempting, but I don’t wear highlighter that much. I’d be interested if they came out with blush.

  5. I would have a hard time picking out just one to buy. They are all so much fun.

  6. What an interesting texture for highlighters. I don’t think I’d like the ones with chunky glitter pieces in them, but the others are gorgeous!!

  7. I do love glitter.. these are beautiful! I don’t wear a lot of makeup so I’m not even really sure how I would use highlighter, but it would be fun to add a little pizzazz to my makeup routine.

  8. I love the packaging – so cute and so girly. These would be perfect for my nieces since they’re so into makeup..

  9. The little purse packaging is so precious! I love when beauty brands put a lot of thoughts into details like that.

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