Polish Pickup May 2021 | Guilty Pleasures

by Lisa Heath
Polish Pickup May 2021 | Guilty Pleasures

Press Samples for Polish Pickup
May 2021 | Guilty Pleasures
Disclosure: I am a paid employee for Polish Pickup. While this post is not sponsored, I do have a relationship with the hosting collaboration shop.
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It’s that time of month again and it’s been another doozy. I am prepping to do another blog sale (which I planned on having up today but it’s being delayed another day or two, sorry!) so if there are older PPU shades I’ve featured, you might find them in that post. I do have a lot of stuff to show you for the Polish Pickup May 2021 Shop, and this months theme is Guilty Pleasures!

Remember – giveaway is at the bottom of the post!

This month I have 109 items to share. I am 99% sure everything is here, but if there are any stragglers – I’ll pop them in when they arrive.

This month is all about Guilty Pleasures. I am definitely someone who doesn’t feel guilty about what I find enjoyable, however – Guilty Pleasures was always a phrase for less popular or hidden things. Because of school and working 2 jobs in my teen years through to 22ish – I missed a lot of tv shows and movies that were popular back then – so a guilty pleasure of mine to this day would be watching those. Even the super cheeseball ones like Dawson’s Creek. Aside from that, reading is a big guilty pleasure of mine.

If people ask though – I feel no guilt in saying it. I like what I like and that’s how it’s gonna be. And I don’t care what other people find joy in, there’s no shame in that as long as it isn’t hurting anyone or against the law.

First things first – I’ve said this before but I’m repeating it. My nails aren’t “mine” for this entire post. I had a bad break in January before starting on PPU swatching, and I broke out the Kiara Sky Gelly Tips kit in Short Coffin. I did do a full post on those, so click the wording if you want to see. So yes, my nails look different because they are for now. I also am really enjoying the tips so I don’t know how long they will be on, but they are clear and don’t alter anything – so … I’m enjoying it!

For the fine details – for all photos shown – I used Vapid Lacquer Commitment Issues Peel Off BaseSweet & Sour Lacquer Gloss Sauce (except for when I used Vibrant Vinyls and Cuticula), and Sweet & Sour Lacquer Secret Matte Sauce. I purchased the Vapid Lacquer Commitment Issues and Sweet & Sour Lacquer Secret Matte Sauce, Sweet & Sour Lacquer gifted me their Gloss Sauce.

I do use artificial lighting for my photos. I get the most done at night, so I swatch a lot at night. My current setup uses GlamCor Pro LIghts and I use the Ultra X Model and this Daylight Company Duo Daylight Lamp (affiliate link).

This is an EXTREMELY photo heavy post. If there is something specific you are looking for – on desktop hit CTRL + F and type what you are searching for. Otherwise, enjoy the long scroll down the page, and of course the giveaway at the end.

The May shop will be open May 7th – May 10th and wishlisting opens tomorrow.

Let’s jump in.

1422 Designs | Blueberry Milkshake

Inspiration:Inspired by blueberry milkshakes

Description: Blueberry Milkshake is a medium blueberry blue crelly with platinum flakes and blue to gold to lime to purple shifting flakes. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: 12.50 | Cap: 100

Alchemy Lacquers | Electric Sheep

Inspiration: inspired by her love of all things science fiction (and the cover of Leviathan Wakes, the first book in the Expanse Series)

Description: Electric Sheep is a neon pink jelly base with a strong red to green to gold shifting shimmer. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

This shade is pinker in person

Price: $11.50 | Cap: TBD

All Mixed Up Lacquers | Foaming Mani/Pedi Fizzies

Inspiration: Inspired by Tattoos

Description: A trio of hand painted flower fizzies scented in a light floral scent of Rosemary, Geranium, Basil, Lemon, Orange Drop fizzy in water and soak hands or feet for 5-10 min. Then enjoy the nourishing feel all day.

To Use: Drop fizzy in water and soak hands or feet for 5-10 min. Then enjoy the nourishing feel all day.

My nose picks up the geranium and herbal scent, but I also detect a berry like note. Very fresh scented and Spring like

Price: $7.00 | Cap: 40

All Mixed Up Lacquers | All Inked Up (Magnetic)

Inspiration: Inspired by tattoos

Description: All Inked Up is a pink leaning purple jelly base loaded with silver magnetic pigment and blue to aqua to green ultra chrome chameleon flakes and shimmers. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos. I only magnetized the 2 middle nails.

Price: $12.00 | Cap: 120

Acetone Additive | Alter Ego Body Care Products

Inspiration: Inspiration was: “Thinking of someone who claims to eat healthy, sneers at people who do not, but then sneak a hot dog when no one is looking! I found this unique hot dog fragrance oil last year and have been waiting for the opportunity to offer it. It came from Australia and took 2 months to get here, this is why such a low cap on it.”

Description: A pair of mini acetone additives, 8.5 ml each, 1 scented in hot dog fragrance oil and 1 in bread scented fragrance oil. That’s right – hot dog and bread scented acetone additive duo. If you really love these scents or want to give a good gag gift – this is it

The bread additive smells like white bread. The hot dog one smells like boiled hot dogs. Or the hot dog water after. You just curled your lip a little didn’t you?

Price: $7.00 | Cap: 30

Alter Ego Body Care Products | Get Yer Red Hot Dogs Here!

Inspiration:Inspired by thinking of someone who claims to eat healthy, sneers at people who do not, but then sneak a hot dog when no one is looking! Back when hot dogs were first invented, the street vendors would all call out “Get yer red hots here”. I added “dogs” to my title because I didn’t want anyone to think my inpso was the Red Hots candies.

Description: Get Yer Red Hot Dogs Here! is a shimmer medium red with a slight metallic appearance. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $10.00 | Cap: 100

Base Coat by Anchor & Heart Lacquer | Iron Anchor


Description: Iron Anchor is an unscented strengthening base coat. It contains garlic extract, an antibacterial/antiseptic that works against microscopic bacteria and fungus to strengthen brittle nails and reduce peeling. While not marketed as a sticky base, it does have adhesion properties that help prolong your manicure!

Directions: As a base coat, apply one coat under your favorite polish. As a strengthening treatment for peeling and weak nails, apply fresh coat 1-3 times a week for 3 weeks or until peeling sections of nails have grown out.

Price: $7.50 | Cap: None

Anchor & Heart Lacquer | All Marshmallows

Inspiration: Inspired by Lucky Charms cereal but only the marshmallows!

Description: All Marshmallows is a milky white crelly packed with marshmallow-type colored matte glitter in yellow, orange, green, pink, light blue, and purple. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $12.50 | Cap: None

Apipila | Green Leaf (Stamping Polish)

Inspiration: Inspired by my love for broccoli

Description: Broccoli is actually my son’s guilty pleasure.

Green Leaf is a deep green crelly and can be worn on it’s own or as a stamping polish. I used 2 coats on it’s own, and stamped over a crelly base.

If you do nature type nails, this is a great green for that.

Price: $10.00 | Cap: 300

Apipila | Stamping Plate

Inspiration: Inspired by delights that we love to eat

Description: Apipila brings us a foodie stamping plate this month! Sized 10 x 15 cm stainless steel. I had no issues picking up images and etching was well done.

Price: $14.99 | Cap: 300

AURORA 5-Free Nail Lacquer | Mr. Grey Will See You Now

Inspiration: Inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey

Description: Mr Grey Will See You Now is a dark grey creme base with red multichrome shift and red geometric microglitters. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $12.00 | Cap: 150

Baby Girl Lacquer | O-R-E-Oh’s (Magnetic)

Inspiration: Oreos

Description: O-R-E-Oh’s! is a chocolate and vanilla scented, dark chocolate creme base with bronze magnetic pigment, and an assortment of white and ultra chrome chameleon flakes, as well as chocolate glitters.  I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

The magnetic line is on the subtle side, but still visible.

Price: $12.00 | Cap: 100

Acetone Antidote by Baroness X | Strawberry Jelly Donut

Inspiration: Inspired by fresh donuts.

Description: This month’s Acetone Antidote scent is Strawberry Jelly Donut and it smells exactly like the real thing. The fruit note really makes this bakery scent very additctive.

Acetone Antidote is an additive for your acetone to protect your skin from the harshness of acetone. It contains glycerin and jojoba oil to help protect and moisturize your nails, skin, and cuticles during polish removal. Plus, no more ashy, dry skin! Simply shake up the vial and pour into your polish remover. I generally pour a full vial into a 10 oz pump bottle, but I recommend shaking it and pouring half in and adding more if you feel you need more.

I’ll be buying backups of this scent, I already used all of mine, and it was delicious smelling!

Price: $4.25 | Cap: No Cap

Baroness X | Melon Crush (Fluid Art)

Inspiration: Inspired by noshing on watermelon and cantaloupe on a hot summer day.

Description: Melon Crush is a neon watermelon pink fluid art polish with lime green to yellow to orange shifting shimmer.  I used this polish alone in 3 thin coats, as well as with black for a fluid art look.

First I needed to make a decal. I recommend a silicon mat to do this, I personally use this one (affiliate link) but you can find them cheaper – I just like the size and having 4 to use.

The method that works best for me is to drop the polishes on top of each other a couple drips at a time (similar to water marbling without the water) so I did 3 drops of Evelyn, 3 drops of Sailing and Sight Seeing, 3 drops of 90’s blues, rinse and repeat until I had a nice little blob piled on itself in the center of the mat. Then I picked the mat up and just carefully moved it around to get the blob to warp and stretch and flatten out.

Once I saw the desired cells and spread of the polish, I set it aside for about 15 hours to dry (can take less, I went just waited 15) and then I cut out the desired size, painted my nails with a sticky base and applied the cut out decals. Then I manipulates and sealed them in with a cotton swab dipped in polish remover. I used an orange stick to help cut off any extra I didn’t need.

If you are a more visual learner – check out this  video tutorial from Courtney of Polished Lifting

Price: $12.50 | Cap: None

Bee’s Knees Lacquer | Awakened

Inspiration: Inspired by One of my guilty pleasure novels, Lover Awakened

Description: Awakened is a soft sky blue with shimmer that shifts from white gold to gold to emerald to blue at the extremes. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $13.00 | Cap: None

Bee’s Knees Lacquer | Boo!

Inspiration: Inspired by Another guilty pleasure of mine, bad horror movies

Description: Boo! is a ghost flake topper with both red to green and gold to green ghost flakes. I used 1 coat over black for these photos.

Price: $14.00 | Cap: None

Black Dahlia Lacquer | Daphne Bridgerton

Inspiration: We were inspired by Daphne in the garden with the Duke in season 1 of Bridgerton.

Description: Daphne Bridgerton is a pale lilac jelly base with pink to blue to purple shifting iridescent flakes and assorted shifty rainbow glitter flakes. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $12.00 | Cap: None

By Dany Vianna | Bed All Day

Inspiration: Inspired by lazy days in bed reading

Description: Bed All Day is a dusty lavender leaning mauve crelly base filled with different sizes of holographic flakes. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $12.50 | Cap: 300

Vanessa Molina | Strong Base Coat

Inspiration: Inspired by caramel sweets

Description: Strong Base is a base coat that is formulated to help to recover the nail structure and help avoid breakage. Contains calcium, D-pantenol and a vitaminic complex.

The base is tinted orange, but it doesn’t show on the nail. I also didn’t use it long enough (or on my real nails) to speak for the claims. But as a base coat – I did avoid staining while using it.

Price: $11.00 | Cap: 200

By Vanessa Molina | Sprinkled Guilty (Magnetic)


Description: Sprinkled Guilty is a deep blurple base with purple to magenta to blue 5D chameleon magnetic pigment and a mix of iridescent flakes. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos. I only magnetized the middle 2 nails.

Price: $13.00 | Cap: 400

Bygone Apothecary | That’s My (Rose) Jam Wet Skin Moisturizer

Inspiration:Inspired by the indulgent products at Lush scented with Rose Jam

Description: That’s My Rose Jam Wet Skin Moisturizer is a body conditioner that you apply after your bath or shower to lock in moisture. It’s a thick lotion consistency that works well on wet skin. You can apply and lightly rinse, or apply and then pat dry with a towel.

It is a stronger scented product – so you don’t need fragrance and it lasts hours. My skin felt super soft after using it as well! It’s fabulous and I want more in a variety of scents

Scented in a dupe of Rose Jam from Lush: Pink peonies and red roses in full bloom, strawberry jam, apples, and a hint of citrus and vanilla.

Price: $7.00 | Cap: 100

Cadillacquer | I Promise To Love You Every Moment Of Forever (Tri-Thermal)

Inspiration: Inspired by Twilight

Description: I Promise To Love You Every Moment Of Forever is a deep purple (cold) to blue (warm) to white/colorless (hot) tri-thermal, with gold iridescent chameleon flakies. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $13.50 | Cap: None

Cameo Colours Lacquers | Emily’s Next Move

Inspiration: Inspired by the TV drama Revenge and the video call watching my BB and I did weekly.

Description: Emily’s Next Move is a juicy red jelly base with scattered holo sparkle, red holo micro glitter, red/gold shifting glitter, black glitter, and silver holo micro flakes. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $11.50 | Cap: 105