Petite Topless Rack Review from BeautyPopShop!

by Lisa Heath

Petite Topless Rack Review from BeautyPopShop!


*Image taken from the BeautyPopShop Page*

I do a TON of polish posts!  While this blog was created to do a mix of makeup as well as nail polish, at the end of the work day I usually don’t want to remove my makeup and start over on a makeup look to blog about.  Polish is a lot easier for me, and it’s relaxing!

One thing I rarely touch on is how I store my polish.  I own a ton!  And before anyone says anything about the size of my collection – please understand that everyone has something they collect!  From clothes, to purses, to shoes, to cute little figurines!  What do I buy?  Polish and makeup.  I have probably purchased about half to 3/4 of my collection, while the rest were sent for review.  At last count I was up to… well – that’s not important, is it? ;)

Ok, onto the point of this post!  BeautyPopShop is a unique, online beauty boutique!  They carry some indie polishes and cosmetics, cute Kawaii silicon bags and treats, makeup storage and polish racks!  BeautyPopShop is run by the lovely Doria and her husband!  Doria brings the designs and love of cosmetics, while her husband brings the building skills!  Together they create phenomenal storage solutions for makeup as well as polish.

I got 2 of their Petite  “Topless Racks” that I am so excited to show you!

Empty Shelf

Full Shelf:

Full Shelf

I was able to fit 21 Full Size Girly Bits polishes on 1 shelf!  Exactly what the websites claims I can do!  It also says I can fit 24 smaller sized bottles like Zoya’s on it.

Taken from the BeautyPopShop site description:

Sometimes going topless is precisely what you need!

Our “Topless” Desktop Nail Polish Display is perfect for anyone that has existing desk, shelf or counter space that they’d like to convert into an organize polish hoard! Using our original multi-tiered design for which we’ve become known, our “Topless” Nail Polish Displays are functional, versatile and stylish. We think our hobby, blogger, professional and retail polish customers alike will all find this display extremely useful!

About a year ago my boyfriend built a HUGE rack for my ever growing collection.  The 2 Topless Racks fit PERFECTLY on top of this rack!  I placed one on either end of my larger rack which added even more storage.  Nick said he would buy a few more for me in order to have them go clear across!  I seriously cannot wait!

Here is one Topless Rack sitting on top!

Closeup BPS

And the full look.  This is most of my collection.  I do have several bottles in another overflow shelf as well as on my work desk.

Full Display

As I said earlier, I got the Petite size, which sells for $15.00.  The Large sized Topless Rack (holds double the amount of polishes)  is $30.00.  Need a custom sized Topless Rack?  Contact Doria and she will work with you to create the perfect Topless rack to fit your needs!  Want another type of rack BeautyPopShop carries?  They can customize the size of ANY shelf they carry!

I got them in Black, but you can also get them in White, Aqua Blue or “Naked” to paint yourself!  Want a custom color?  Contact them!  It will be $15.00 more to custom color your order!

BeautyPopShop carries a lot of different polish storage solutions to fit just about everyone’s needs!  From wall racks to desk stands to floating shelving!  The owners truly put their hearts into their work and it shows!  Sturdy quality and visually pleasing.

I think my next experience with BeautyPopShop will be buying one of their makeup storage racks!  Nick did just mention we needed shelves in the bathroom… think I can sweet talk him into it?

Make sure you stop by BeautyPopShop and take a look at their store!  LOTS of goodies in there!

Also, make sure you stop by their Facebook page as well for specials they hold for their store as well as to participate in Flash Me Friday! (not what you are probably thinking!) for fun giveaways.

They have a special running between now and Easter Sunday!


Hope you enjoyed the post, and be sure to take advantage of the Easter Promo going on!

Have a wonderful day!

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Rose Agricoli Bonaventura March 25, 2013 - 11:18 am

After many many years of not wearing nail polish… I now have over 200 bottles ..collected in one year!!! I need a place for them..other than shoe boxes on the floor. HELP me………<3

Lisa March 25, 2013 - 12:32 pm

Take a look at BeautyPopShop Rose! They have several different racks and stands for polish – I’m sure you could find one that fits your needs :)

Briana @ Nail A College Drop Out March 26, 2013 - 10:54 pm

Wow… this must be what porn is like for men.

Lisa March 29, 2013 - 8:58 pm


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