NerdLacquer Antisocial Media and It’s Just a Flesh Wound Review and Swatches

by Lisa Heath

NerdLacquer Antisocial Media and It’s Just a Flesh Wound Review and Swatches

Nick has been on a polish shopping spree for me!  He bought me two more NerdLacquers to add to my collection!  I received AntiSocial Media and It’s Just a Flesh Wound in the mail today and every time I find a favorite NerdLacquer, I try another one and it blows the previous favorite out of the water!

AntiSocial Media is a gorgeous turquoise base with holo and silver sparkle suspended alongside turquoise and silver hex glitter.  I only used 2 coats to get AntiSocial Media fully opaque.  This is such a gorgeous, vibrant color!  Absolutely LOVE it!!  AntiSocial Media is part of NerdLacquer’s IRC-ing Sparklies series.

It’s Just a Flesh Wound is a NerdLacquer I’ve had my eye on for AWHILE.  I was back and forth with it and Nick bought it and made up my mind for me!  It’s Just a Flesh Wound is a semi sheer black base with small and medium black, red, and copper hexagonal glitter, plus black and charcoal microglitter and big silver hex glitter.  The choice in glitter colors is perfect, completely stands out against the black base.  Gorgeous.  It’s Just a Flesh Wound is part of NerdLacquer’s Something Completely Different series!

At the current time the NerdLacquer Etsy Store is on a brief vacation.  Their gorgeous glittery goodies are selling out extremely quick and they need a little time to replenish and fill current orders before moving on.  Keep an eye on these gems though.  I currently have 6 NerdLacquers and I love each and every one of them!

Recently NerdLacquer had to bump their prices up from $8.00 per bottle to $10.00 per bottle due to cost of producing these magnificent polishes. Even at $10.00 a bottle I think these are worth each and every penny.

You can purchase NerdLacquer (when they are off vacation) from Amanda’s Etsy shop for $10.00 per bottle and there are a ton of polishes to choose from!  Take the plunge!  You won’t be disappointed!

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Tina February 18, 2012 - 10:21 am

I shouldn’t have looked! I love it just a flesh wound. This time I got event horizon, pinin’ for fjords, and resolutionary. I tried to branch out and pick some different ones! Great pictures and these are really great polishes

Lisa February 18, 2012 - 10:28 am

I almost got Resolutionary! That will probably be in my next order! I just love that you don’t need a base color for these polishes and the glitters LAY FLAT!

Tina February 20, 2012 - 2:37 pm

I love that Nick is shopping and he has good taste. Anyone on the fence about these polishes they are packed with glitter but not rough. Don’t panic when you see the store on “vacation” they have great customer service. Amanda will shut the store and fill her orders and then restock and sell. Much better than worrying about over selling or holding your order for weeks. She goes above and beyond to make her customers happy. I did purchase five more and cannot wait but to give you an idea how popular they are she sold out 1500 orders in ten minutes. That being said its never a long time till the store is open. You can sign up for email to let you know about the store reopening on Etsy. But the best way is to follow her twitter because she tweets when she restocks and this time and most they are sold out before you get your email because Etsy has control over the emails not her. It doesn’t help to just check Etsy every day I mean its not like there isn’t a million items there to keep you busy lol

Lisa February 20, 2012 - 9:56 pm

Her store is so addicting! I love all 6 of her polishes I have <3


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