Nail Polish Pendant from Puzzled & Polished!

by Lisa Heath

Nail Polish Pendant from Puzzled & Polished!

Today’s review is a first for me!  NAIL POLISH JEWELRY!  I’ve been drooling over nail polish jewelry for awhile.  I already know that I personally do NOT have the patience to make it,  but I haven’t “pulled the trigger” on buying any yet because I was unsure if I would actually wear it.

A couple of months ago I was involved in a secret swap (yes this story has a point, bear with me) and I got an amazing lady to shop for.  Her “Wishlist” was a dream come true.  I got all her goodies together and shipped them off!  SUCCESS! She loved them!  Little did I know, my lady was about to open a little shop called “Puzzled & Polished” and she was making nail polish jewelry!  She asked for some bloggers to get the word out and review for her, so I threw my name in the hat to be considered.  She then asked me to review and sent me a pendant to review.  She used a polish I sent her in her surprise pack to make the pendant I am reviewing (this is good because she and I liked the same types of polishes!).

And that is how I came to review a piece of nail polish jewelry.  Told you there was kind of a point there.

Anyways.  Mandy is the lovely lady behind Puzzled & Polished and I can tell you now – she is a sweetheart!  She sent me a gorgeous pendant and the polish she used was Ozotic 512 (one of my gifts to her!) and it’s beautiful!  This is a fairly simple piece, it is a round cabochon with a bail.  The cabochon is not mounted.  Puzzled & Polished DOES carry mounted ones if you prefer that, I personally like them unmounted for simplicity.

Take a look:

And a side view:

These pictures were taken in kitchen lighting, no flash was used.

I am extremely pleased with this pendant!  Ozotic 512 makes a PERFECT color for this!  I can wear this with most outfits and the holographic effect to it is fantastic!  In the sun it is breathtaking and it catches people’s eye!

The idea behind Puzzled & Polished is to help raise money for her son’s Autism Speaks group.  All proceeds go to the group to help them out.  So it is a good cause and the pieces she makes are gorgeous!

Puzzled & Polished carries quite a few pieces, anything from pendants to hair pins to rings!  I am seriously checking out the hair pins to purchase!  Nice little bit of hair dazzle.

Most rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings retail for $8.00

You can check Puzzled and Polished out on all of her social media outlets here:

Twitter: @PuzzledandPolished

I need more pieces and I cannot believe I never purchased a pendant like this before!  Take a look, and if something catches your eye – make a purchase!

I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope you check out Puzzled & Polished for future nail polish jewelry needs.

***Product in this post was provided for review.  All opinions are my own***

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Cindi February 5, 2013 - 12:28 pm

Wow, that is a beautiful piece! I love the holo.

Long Haired Hippie February 8, 2013 - 4:01 pm

Soooo pretty! Ive made a few and they are fun and I get alot of compliments. They suit my hippie vibe well :)

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