MAC Proenza Schouler Partial Collection Swatches

by Lisa Heath

The MAC Proenza Schouler collection went live yesterday morning, and I got up at 5:30 am to make sure I got the items I wanted!  Do I need backups?  I think so.

I only purchased 3 lipsticks and the 2 blushes, and luckily MAC had a free overnight shipping promo, so they arrived today!  I will do a full look with these colors in a bit, but for now I just wanted to get some quick swatches up to show you!

5 Pieces

First off, the collection packaging is gorgeous.  I’m a sucker for packaging and when I saw this my jaw hit the floor.

The Lipsticks

3 lipsticks

I purchased 3 lipsticks (there were 4 total) and I decided on Mangrove, Pinkfringe and Primrose.



Mangrove is a bright, clean orange red.  Mangrove is a matte finish lipstick.  While I usually do better with blue toned reds, this is a gorgeous shade and I think it will be the “hit” of the collection as far as lipsticks are concerned.



Pinkfringe is a vivid flamingo pink.  What I didn’t expect was a very subtle hint of shimmer (you can see it a little in the photo).  Pinkfringe is a satin finish lipstick.



Primrose surprised me a little.  From product images, I expected a super dark shade and *almost* had buyers remorse until I put it on.  It’s fairly sheer and looked pretty nice on the lips. Primrose is a Lustre finish lipstick.

lipstick swatches

I like to add in lip swatches with posts, but my lips have been dry as ever lately and no matter what I did, the photos looked bad.  I know you don’t want to cringe when you see my lips all dry – so until they behave a little more, this arm swatch is the best I can do.  I’m happy with my Proenza Schouler lipsticks!

The Blushes


These were THE items I had to have from this collection.   The lipsticks were an afterthought (really I placed 2 orders.  1 to make sure I got the blushes and then I ordered the lipsticks 20 minutes later)

One thing I will say that was a negative about the blushes.  They are a PAIN to open. I had to slide my thumb nail between the crack on the side to pop it open a little because fumbling with the front… I thought I might drop it.  So be prepared for that.

Ocean City

Ocean City

Ocean City was my main want from the collection.  I have Ripe Peach Ombre that MAC released years ago, so in a bit I will do a comparison post on Ocean City vs Ripe Peach.

Ocean City Swatches

For the swatch I did the darkest shade first (on the left), the middle with both shades mixed, and the right is the lightest shade.  So far… I’m happy!

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

While I couldn’t wait for Ocean City and it was my #1 want from this collection… Sunset Beach turned out to be my favorite.

Sunset Beach Swatches

Once again – on the left is the darkest part of the blush, middle is the 2 shades mixed and the right is the lightest part.  This will get a LOT of wear this summer!


So far so good!  The pigmentation in all 5 items I ordered were fabulous and although this was definitely a “splurge” it was worth it!  Of the lipsticks, I think Mangrove is the must have of the collection and for the blushes.. I have to say Sunset Beach (but Ocean City isn’t far behind).

Lipstick Prices: $22.00 Each

Blush Prices: $30.00 Each

Where To Buy: MAC Cosmetics Website (these release in MAC Cosmetics stores and counters on Thursday, April 24th)

I promise to have an actual “I’m wearing them!” post up soon for all of these shades, and in a bit – a comparison between MAC Ripe Peach Ombre and Ocean City!

Did you grab anything from the MAC Proenza Schouler launch?  Do you plan to?

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Jess Scull April 22, 2014 - 3:37 pm

SO happy I got those blushes! You’re making me think I need those lippies!


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