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The months are getting warmer and warmer and after a long day, sometimes you just need a nice cup of tea to relax. If you are in California like I am, then you iced tea is definitely needed to cool off!


I didn’t become much of a tea drinker until I was in my mid 20’s, before that I would only have tea when I had a cold or sore throat. It always helped! Now I drink tea on occasion when I need an afternoon pick me up or something to warm me.

Now you can find a variety of loose and bagged teas from Pure Leaf at Ralphs! They come in a variety of both bagged and loose for either hot tea or iced tea. In our house, I’m more of a hot tea drinker, but my boyfriend is definitely a fan of iced tea, so we buy both types.


 Pure Leaf believes the best things in life are real, that’s why all Pure Leaf teas are simply made from real tea leaves, picked at their freshest and purposefully crafted to deliver a genuine tea experience.The bagged and loose teas are a blend of quality long-leaf teas made with real fruit pieces, petals and herbs.


Pure Leaf tea leaves are grown at some of the finest-quality tea estates in India, Kenya, Indonesia and Sri Lanka committed to sustainability. You can even see on the label where the origin of each type is from.


Since I prefer hot tea, I use my cute tea diffuser to make it!


I just load up his little belly with loose leaf (I also like the bagged variety… but then I couldn’t use my cute toys!) and add boiling water and let it sit.

Letting Loose & Cozying up with Pure Leaf

Soon I have a nice, hot cup of tea to relax me!

Try the new bagged and loose varieties of Pure Leaf tea available right now at your neighborhood Ralphs store. Ralphs strives to be a retailer you can depend on, that’s why they offer Pure Leaf teas—because they’re made simply, from the finest leaves picked at their freshest from Rainforest Alliance Certified tea estates. And their farmers do as little as possible to the leaves—just pick, roll, and craft them. So get to Kroger today to try the new Pure Leaf bagged and loose teas.

Letting Loose & Cozying up with Pure Leaf

You’re dedicated to your tea, so it should be made honestly. Choose Pure Leaf—it’s True Brew.


I’m Lisa, a 36 year old mother of one energetic little boy. I live right outside of San Francisco with my son and my boyfriend. I work full time in an accounting office during the day and as a beauty blogger at night.


    • Up until recently we had only had the premade, bottled iced tea from Pure Leaf – which we like – but as a hot tea drinker, this is much more my style!

  1. I am a tea ADDICT! OMG I’ve never tried Pure Leaf before, but I need to … and I need that sloth!

  2. I think I would try Green Mint first actually. I love green tea. I actually also wrote about tea today. LOL. It’s my favourite chilly weather beverage to drink.

  3. These teas look so delicious and healthy. The review makes me want to have some right now.

  4. I love looseleaf teas especially when their chilled. I would love to try the black tea vanilla friend I love that you can get it pre-made

  5. We don’t have Kroger here, and I’ve never seen Pure Leaf tea either. But I love the look of their beautiful tea bags. I’ll take a look at Wegman’s next time I go there and see if they carry it.

    • Krogers has a few banner stores in other areas. I know for me Ralphs & Foodsco are affiliated with Krogers!

  6. I don’t drink coffee but I do like tea. I haven’t really used leaf tea but it looks easier than I thought and I could buy something cute to brew it in!

    • I find loose leaf tea to be fairly easy with a diffuser and I really love that you can add more or less depending on how strong you like it!

  7. Tea lover present! I try to drink a cup a day (either Green Tea in the morning or a relaxing blend usually Lavender or Chamomile before bedtime). Your diffuser is cute, by the way!

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