Pure Leaf Tea


Letting Loose & Cozying up with Pure Leaf

Sponsored By Mirum Shopper The months are getting warmer and warmer and after a long day, sometimes you just need a nice cup of tea to relax. If you are in California like I am, then you  iced tea is definitely needed to cool off! I didn’t become much of a tea drinker until I was in my mid 20’s, before that I would only have tea when I had a cold or sore throat. It always helped! Now I drink tea on occasion when I need an afternoon pick me up or something to warm me. Now you can find a variety of loose and bagged teas from Pure Leaf at Ralphs! They come in a variety of both bagged and loose for either hot tea or iced tea. In our house, I’m more of a hot tea drinker, but my boyfriend is definitely a fan of iced tea, so…