New Year’s Resoleutions – Find Your Sole with Kerasal®

by Lisa Heath

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2020 has been all over the place for so many people. Most of us realized just how important self care was this year, and we had to be a little creative when practicing self care. Where you could once pop over to the salon for some pampering, in 2020 that wasn’t really an option.

As most can see from my blog, I do my nails myself. I would go out for pedicures though because… I don’t like feet. Not even my own. But I still need to attempt to maintain them, so I would go for the occasional pedicure to keep them looking semi presentable. Due to the pandemic though, I haven’t been in for a pedicure since December of 2019.

That’s right – it’s been a full year since my last professional pedi. I have done some upkeep here and there when I remember too, mainly keeping my toenails trimmed. But actual maintenance was lacking a bit.

Feet pictures are ahead, so this is your warning – and I don’t have cute feet.

There are two reasons I’m excited about these products. The first one being that they are simple products I can use at home that seem to work for me so far. The second is that I live in colder, harsher conditions now (I moved from California to Massachusetts back in July) and my feet are really suffering. I’m not used to these conditions and it’s better to get into a routine now than wait until things are REALLY bad!

We all know I have the nail polish to make my toes pretty… but do I have anything to make my feet soft and pretty too? Now I do. Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair is perfect for at home pedicures or just for dry cracked feet if pedicures aren’t your thing.

Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair is an exfoliating moisturizing ointment that is clinically proven to hydrate and moisturize dry, cracked feet, while also exfoliating dead skin away. It’s easy to use too – apply to clean, dry feet and massage in until fully absorbed. For better results, put on some clean cotton socks after.

Check out the Before & After of my heels below!

The second item I received was Kerasal Multi Purpose Nail Repair.

Kerasal Multi-Purpose Nail Repair is a nail solution that is meant to improve the appearance of nails damaged by a variety of conditions, like Psoriasis, gel manicures, aging, or fungus. It can also reduce discoloration, normalizes thickness, as well as smooth and hydrates. Plus it penetrates the nail to restore their healthy appearance.

Apply a thin layer 2 times per day for the first week of use, once in the morning and once at night directly to the affected nail and under the free edge of the nail (toe or fingernails). 

It’s also a clear and odorless formula!

Tip: Visible improvements can be seen after one week of application. Continue use for
up to 3 to 6 months for full effect.

2020 is coming to a close, after what felt like the longest year in history and it’s never too late to incorporate new habits into your routine. Both Kerasal products show beautiful results and are easy to use.

It’s not too late to add to those New Year’s Resoleutions and find your sole with Kerasal!

Your can find Kerasal on Amazon as well as the Kerasal website. Check out the reviews while you’re there.

Happy holidays everyone!

This Post Is Sponsored by Kerasal®

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