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I remember when I was in Junior High and blonde highlights were all the rage. My mom wasn’t a fan and refused to pay for a salon to highlight my hair, but she also wouldn’t do it at home for me out of fear of ruining my long locks. Then one day she found a solution – SunIn! While at Walmart she came across SunIn which said it adds natural highlights to your hair with the sun. So she bought me my first bottle.

Basically SunIn is an alcohol free hair product that brings out your natural highlights and conditions while it lightens. Back then, I would spray it in sections of my hair and head to school. On my break and lunch break, I would stand out in the sun and my hair would lighten where I sprayed.

As an adult, I no longer have the luxury of basking in the sun all day, so I spray it in my hair in the morning and use a blow dryer to lighten my hair!

I have medium chocolate brown hair that gets rather boring, so when I was reintroduced to SunIn – it seriously brightened up my Winter! I’ve been using it periodically to give my hair that sun kissed look I love without having to head to the salon – or pay a ton for! It’s quick, easy and looks natural.

SunIn gives you the same natural highlights you get from the sun – only faster! SunIn’s advanced conditioning system includes botanical extracts and special illuminators that give hair an extra dose of shine.

You can still find this gem at Walmart too! It’s available in the traditional Lemon Fresh scent, as well as Tropical Breeze.

Just because the weather outside is drab doesn’t mean your hair has to be! Head to your local Walmart and give SunIn a whirl!



I’m Lisa, a 36 year old mother of one energetic little boy. I live right outside of San Francisco with my son and my boyfriend. I work full time in an accounting office during the day and as a beauty blogger at night.


  1. Sun In is the best! I’ve been using it for years to give my hair that sun-kissed look. It’s easy to use, and it always makes me look so great!

  2. That brings me back to when I was in college. Back then I would use that stuff to keep my hair looking as blonde as possible. I always liked the smell of it also is always would bring me back to when I went on a cruise. It’d be fun to do that again

  3. OMG! I used this waaaay back in the early 90’s! I love that it’s still around. I even remember the scent!

  4. This totally brings me back to my high school and college days! I used to use Sun In all the time. I do think it tends to add a brassier color to darker hair, but it is a great way to brighten hair without going through an expensive process of getting highlights.

  5. Mary Edwards Reply

    I had no idea this was still around. I used it quite often here in Florida. And it worked!!

  6. I love this! I love having highlights in my hair and I want them to look natural. I think this would look a lot more natural that having it dyed at a salon.

  7. My hair definitely lacks something in the winter no matter what I do, it seems. You definitely have to find a new routine. I will have to give this product a shot!

  8. OMG I remember this as a child. My mom wouldn’t let me get blonde in my hair, so I tried using this haha. It didn’t work.

  9. Hmm, looks like I’m the only one who has never heard of this thing. Maybe because this is not available in Asia? LOL. I think it’s cool though. I will have to give it a try.

  10. I remember using SunIn for the first time when I was 12 years old. It definitely works fast at providing highlights! :)

  11. I haven’t seen SunIn in ages! I used to use this all the time when I was a kid and definitely noticed the highlights.

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