Jordana 12 HR Made To Last Eyeshadow and Liquid Eyeliner Pencils Swatches and Review

by Lisa Heath

Jordana has come out with some new items for their 2013 lineup and tonight I’m going to show you their new 12 HR Made To Last Eyeshadow Pencils and Liquid Eyeliner Pencils!

My favorites were definitely the Liquid Eyeliner Pencils, but the Eyeshadow Pencils were nothing to turn down either!  Take a look!

12 HR Made To Last Eyeshadow Pencils


First up we are going to look at the 12 HR Made To Last Eyeshadow Pencils!  These come in 8 richly pigmented chunky pencils with a matte black finish (aside from the ends which show the shades!) I really liked the look and feel of these, they were easy to hold, the color assortment is really good, and each one glided on without an issue.  The set fairly fast, but not so fast you can’t gently pat your finger over them to lighten them or adjust if you mess up a little.  Once they set – they will stay that way for awhile!  These are waterproof, and I can confirm I needed makeup remover to remove them.  Water didn’t do a whole lot!

Color Swatches:


Here are the first 4 shades marked on my inner arm.  Here is a run down of the shades from Left to Right:

02 Stay On Black – Matte Black

03 Tenacious Brown – Matte Rich Brown

07 Prolong Purple – Deep Purple with a touch of Shimmer

08 Endless Emerald – Emerald Green with a touch of Shimmer


And the lighter shades from Left to Right:

06 Aqua Last – Matte Aqua Blue

05 Pink Evermore – Shimmery Pale Pink

04 Continuous Almond – Matte Light Almond

01 Eternal White – Matte Pure White

All of these are wearable for me, and as I said earlier, they are easy to pat down a bit to lighten the shade.  They blended fairly easily for me if I worked quick.  All 8 shades have AMAZING pigmentation, but do they last 12 hours?  Not for me unfortunately.  But they do last long enough to make it through a full work day without looking too horrible.  After about the 6 or 7 hour mark it does start to crease a little bit on me, I do have oily lids, so that very well may be my issue.

These also double well as eyeshadow bases and primers.

My Top Picks: Pink Evermore, Continuous Almond, Aqua Last and Prolong Purple

Price: $3.99 Each (seriously that’s a STEAL!)

12 HR Made To Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencils


Ok these suckers stole my heart!  Not only because they are affordable, but because the quality was so incredible!  The pencils glide on super smooth.  No tugging at all!  I only had to make 1 line to get the amount of pigmentation I wanted and they weren’t super dry pencils or really soft.  The pigmentation is perfect.  I didn’t have to build it up at all, I got the right amount of color within 1 swipe.  I didn’t experience any transferring or smudging at all during the day, but I did use a primer below them out of habit (oily lids!).

Color Swatches:


Left to Right we have the following:

01 Black Point – Matte Black

03 Charcoal Definition – Medium Charcoal Grey with a hint of shimmer

02 Espresso Last – Rich Brown Matte

06 Jade Jewel – Medium Olive Green

04 Purple Fix – Medium Matte Purple

05 Aqua Stone – Bright Aqua Blue

Again, all 6 shades are wearable for me and I will use each and every one of them!

My Top Picks: Purple Fix, Aqua Stone and Jade Jewel

Price: $2.49 (again, it’s a steal!)

And I used Pink Evermore Eyeshadow Pencil and Purple Fix Liquid Eyeliner Pencil today – here’s a quick picture!


Also, I’m wearing Jordana Best Length Extreme Mascara for this photo… that post is coming up soon!

If you love makeup, but are on a budget – Jordana is definitely an amazing option.  The above products give you a great bang for your buck.

Where To Buy?: Walgreens and on the Jordana Website

Will you be snagging any of these?


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Adventures in Polishland September 22, 2013 - 4:51 pm

I love hearing that affordable products are great quality! I might pick a couple of those eyeshadows up.

Emily Lacquerologist September 22, 2013 - 5:36 pm

Need to check out the eyeliner pencils!! Love good affordable make-up!

Cosmetish September 22, 2013 - 7:35 pm

I love love love the liquid liner pencils. I had kind of ho hum expectations but was SO impressed with how they stay put for me!

Lizzy O. The DIYLady. September 24, 2013 - 8:31 pm

Said I was going to pick a few up, thanks for reminding me. I have heard nothing but good things about these

Aileen December 26, 2021 - 4:40 pm

I am in Barbados West Indies and use the Jordana 12 HR Made to Last 03 Tenacious Brown. I have difficulty getting these pencils. I need to purchase 10 of these. Can you help me please? you can reply to me email address as [email protected]: Aileen Ruck


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