imPRESS Press On Manicure Review

by Lisa Heath

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Today I have something a little different on the blog today.  I was sent an imPRESS press-on manicure kit to review. There was a time, before I blogged, that I had acrylic nails.  I had acrylics for at least 12 years, possibly 13 or 14 years, it’s kind of a blur.  But for the last 3.5 years I have only featured my natural nails on my blog.  Because my natural nails are strong, press on nails were never something I looked at.

I decided to try these out and post about them because I do know there is a market for them.  There are a lot of ladies who use press on nails for a night out, a special occasion or because they want longer nails, but their natural nails aren’t cooperating with this plan.

When I was growing up, I remember seeing similar kits from various brands, but most were solid color or french tip.  None of this fancy shmancy  nail art stuff going on, so girls today are lucky in that regard.  Much more appealing and I will admit some designs have made me stop and go “ooooohhhh” while at the store.


I received imPRESS nails in a minty color plus the kit came with 6 accent nails in a pink, mint, white and blue tribal like pattern.  The nails themselves are pretty.  I like the color, I like the design.

These were actually really easy to apply.  The adhesive was already attached to the press on nails so I simply had to peel off the plastic protector and stick em on.

This adhesive is no joke.  It was like a freaking suction cup when applying and it stuck to my nail and held on for dear life.

I did a whole load of dishes with them on as well as a “test” and they survived, so they passed that test.

3 fingers

That was the only test I did on them because honestly, press on nails aren’t for me.  These felt a little clunky and reminded me of my acrylic days.  They weren’t heavy, but I felt awkward wearing them.

I wasn’t loving the wider tips either.  I like straight, streamlined nails and actually file the sides of my nails regularly to keep them that way.


This set was just barely longer than my natural nail, but definitely a bit wider at the tips.


Would I purchase these? No.  Do I think they are good?  They are ok.  The design is cute, they held on through soapy, hot water dish washing – so if you want to wear them for a night they will probably work out great.  They just aren’t for me.

For products like this though, it’s very difficult for me to not have a semi biased view because I do have longer nails, so I compare the feel, width, etc of the press ons to my natural and it’s a little unfair.  No fake nail is going to compare to the real thing.  I’m even at a point now that I don’t know HOW I did acrylics for as long as I did.

These felt clunky, awkward and miss shaped at the tips for me personally – but performance wise, I was imPRESSed (sorry I had to)

So in the end, I won’t use them again BUT if you want quick and easy nail art for just a night or two, pick these up and you won’t have a nail pop off halfway through the night (unless you are doing some seriously weird things)

I was able to remove these imPRESS nails without damaging my nail beds as well.   I had a little adhesive left behind upon removal, but a little polish remover wiped it right off, so in my experience, there was no nail damage either.

You can find imPRESS nails at your local Rite Aid.  Price range is between $5.99 – $7.99

The design I showed was just one of the various nail art designs they carry, and you may even be able to find new polka dot designed imPRESS nails by Manicurator!

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