Girly Bits Chrysalis

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample

OMG I’M ALMOST DONE! I am so sorry to spam so many posts back to back. I promise I’ll start a few days earlier next month so it’s only 1 or 2 Polish Pickup shades a day vs 4-5 a day squeeze into the last 2 days. The final shade I have to share is Girly Bits Chrysalis!

There are about 44 indie makers involved this month, so that’s a LOT of polishes to choose from.

Okay first we’re going to go through my spiel on Polish Pickup for those not familiar with it!

Before I get into this lovely shade shown above, we’re going to talk about this new Facebook group and I’m going to describe it’s concept. The group is Polish Pickup. Polish Pickup offers a fun, interactive experience that allows you to submit theme ideas, vote for your favorite theme, and selectively purchase your favorite polishes every month. It’s NOT a box though. I think when it formed that was the major misconception of it.

Now, I love polish boxes, however, some purchasers shared their frustration in only wanting 1 or 2 polishes from a box and needing to unload the polishes in the box they didn’t want. So essentially they were paying $40 and up for 1 or 2 polishes and hoping they could sell the polishes they weren’t interested in.

Polish Pickup is different. While the concept of picking themes and voting isn’t new, instead of buying the whole box, you can shop online for JUST the single polishes you want. There can be many indie makers involved with the theme, but you only have to pay for the exact polishes you wanted rather than 4-8 polishes you may not have been interested in.

Then every month the theme and makers change and you get a whole new set of polishes to pick and choose from. So while it has a box like feel (with the voting and themes) it doesn’t carry the box commitment.

This set of polishes will be available from September 1st at 11am EST through September 4th 11:59pm EST, and at the end of this post I will have the list of August makers so you can see what to expect.

The August theme is ‘Fall Foliage & Fun’

Here is the Girly Bits inspiration photo!

Pam took this photo herself and I’m in awe! This polish is inspired by a monarch chrysalis.

Let’s take a look!

Girly Bits Chrysalis

Girly Bits Chrysalis is a gorgeous green that shifts slightly to a tealish blue shade and is loaded with silver holo micro flecks, chameleon chrome flakes in shades of green, bronze, blue and violet, microglitters in silver, lime and gold. There is a LOT going on in this polish and it made it so hard for my camera to focus. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos. You might need 2 coats if you have a really thin top coat in order to get a completely smooth finish.

Purchasing Information

Where To Buy: Polish Pickup Shop

Shop Dates: September 1st at 11am EST through September 4th 11:59pm EST

Makers Involved in the August Shop:

Alter Ego Nail Enamel | Anchor & Heart Lacquer | Beautometry | Bluebird Lacquer | BLUSH Lacquer | Cameo Colours Lacquer | Chirality Nail Polish | Colores de Carol |  Contrary Polish | CrowsToes Nail Color | Dollish Polish | Ellagee | Envy Lacquer | Ever After | Fair Maiden Polish | Fanchromatic Nail Polish | Girly Bits Cosmetics | Green Goddess Creations | Heather’s Hues | Jior Couture | Leesha’s Lacquer | Le Polish | Lilypad Lacquer | LynBDesigns | Ms Sparkle | My Indie Polish | My Stunning Nails |  Nail Hoot | Night Owl Lacquer | Northern Star Polish | Pahlish | Poetry Cowgirl  | Polish ‘M | Polish My Life | Pretty Jelly | Rise and Shine Cosmetics | Sassy Pants Polish | 77 Nail Lacquer | Smokey Mountain Lacquers | Stella Chroma | Supermoon Lacquer | Toadarrific Vinyls |Top Shelf Lacquer | Turtle Tootsie Polish

 To see more swatches for September – check out the Polish Pickup Facebook group!


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