Get Comfy with Amopé Gel Activ Flat Shoes Insoles

by Lisa Heath

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Amopé™. The opinions and text are all mine.

I’m an impulse shopper. From clothing, to cosmetics to shoes, if I like em, I’ll probably buy them. This leads to a LOT of shoes that look adorable, but aren’t wearable for a long period of time without my feet aching.


Recently on a back to school shopping trip to Target with my son, we walked through the foot care aisle and spotted the Amopé Gel Activ™ Insoles, and I decided to try them out. I have the most trouble wearing flat shoes due to an injury I sustained several years ago. I was on a balcony that collapsed and fell 3 stories onto concrete, shattering my right heel. Now if I wear shoes that apply too much pressure to my heel, it gets REALLY uncomfortable. This is pretty much the ultimate test for just about any pair of shoes for me!

There are 4 varieties of Amopé Gel Activ Insoles. You can find these for Flat Shoes (like I bought) as well as for Everyday Heels, Extreme Heels and Open Shoes.


When I got home from Target, I brought out one of my favorite pair of flats to try the Amopé Gel Activ Insoles in. They slipped into my shoes with ease. Most of the time I find I have to trim the sides to they fit snugly in the shoe, but not with these. They have a slim design and are really thin, which makes it so they don’t take up a ton of room.


See for yourself! SUPER thin! I was actually pretty impressed with this. Amopé Gel Activ Insoles are made with super concentrated gel, and are 25% thinner than other insoles, so they fit in even the most slender shoes without crowding toes.

The bottoms also have a tacky side, so they adhere to the shoe. But don’t worry – the tacky side is reusable so you can move them from pair to pair without losing that stickiness. This helps so they don’t scoot forward while walking.

Want to hand wash them a bit before moving them into another pair of shoes? No problem! You can rinse them, dry them off and place them in another pair (or back in the same pair) and the tacky bottoms will still work like usual.


The design of these are really nice. As I already showed, they are really thin. They are gel insoles, but they aren’t super squishy. They are actually more on the firm side, so you don’t feel like you are sinking into them. This offers a nice amount of support for the arch of your foot as well as the ball of your foot. You can see that the ball of your foot also has small, raised bumps which gives a nice amount of comfort where you need it. The heel is slightly elevated so you get the most cushion there (which I personally need with my injury)

Amopé Gel Activ Insoles have support that is tailored to the pressure points created by the different kinds of shoes women wear. For example, ball of foot and extra arch support for extreme heels, arch support and ball of foot support for everyday heels, heel support for flat shoes and extra cushioning on the ball of foot and narrow design for open shoe insoles.


These passed my comfort test with my flats, so I’ll definitely be heading back to Target to pick up some more for each type of shoe (I own plenty of each!)

Want to try for yourself? Check out this offer!


From now until October 23rd you can visit Amopé online and download their rebate request form after purchasing your pair of Amopé Gel Activ Insoles at Target. You can receive a refund of up to $10.00 of your purchase price PLUS you can turn your heels into sneakers with this offer!


So tell me, how many pairs of shoes do you own verses how many you actually wear? With these insoles, you can wear them ALL! Which insoles do you want to try?

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