Fanchromatic Nails Swatches and Review

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample

I have another new to me indie brand on the blog tonight!  Fanchromatic Nails sent me 4 lovely samples to review, and you won’t be disappointed!


Fanchromatic Nails was born in late 2011. The creator, Lynae, was designing, testing and refining her polish until mid-June 2012 when she went live with her first sale.  I always like to know that an indie maker tests for a decent amount of time before selling!  Usually makes for a quality product, which these polishes seem to be!

Little Rowan:


Little Rowan is a milky pink base with gold shimmer, copper flecks, and a mix of orange, blue, pink, white, green, and brown hex glitters in different sizes.  I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for this photo.

Little Rowan is park of the Summerisle series  inspired by the 1973 cult film, The Wicker Man. This lacquer has all the colors of that iconic photograph, passed from villager to villager. “Where is Rowan Morrison?”



Spatial Anomaly:


Spatial Anomaly has so much going on!  The base is a  turquoise bluish silver duochrome that is packed with holographic sparkles.  It also has black, orange, gold and blue glitter mixed in.  I used 3 coats for this photo and a glossy top coat.

This polish was inspired by Star Trek. Something’s there, but we don’t know what it is and we can’t explain it. That’s right, we discovered a spatial anomaly!



You can see the holo better in this photo!

Dire Wolf:


 Dire Wolf is a medium grey crelly base with brown, white, black and grey hex glitter mixed in.  I used 3 coats for full opacity!

This polish was inspired by Game of Thrones.



Fistful of Latinum:


Fistful of Latinum is my favorite of the group!  This is a gorgeous gold glitter top coat packed with gold shimmer (and I mean PACKED!) and small and medium gold holographic hex glitters in a clear base.  I used 1 coat of Fistful of Latinum over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls!  I wanted a base that would bright the gold out!

This polish was inspired by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and probably Lynae’s favorite species/culture on there, the Ferengi! It’s a nail polish inspired by a fictional gas-based currency a zillion times more valuable than gold–of COURSE it’s super bling-y!



Overall, I didn’t have any real issues with any of the 4 polishes I was sent.  Spatial Anomaly was a bit bumpier than the rest of the polishes, but still pretty with all of the holo and duochrome shift within it!

My Top Picks: Fistful of Latinum and Spatial Anomaly.

You can find these polishes and more in the Fanchromatic Nails Etsy Shop!

Retail Price:

Full Size:  $8.75

Mini Size: $4.75

Make sure you check out Fanchromatic Nails on Facebook for more reviews, swatches and shop updates!

So what did you think?  Have you tried Fanchromatic Nails before?


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Amy August 7, 2013 - 7:02 pm

Oh gosh I NEED Dire wolf! Your swatches are amazing!

Doria August 7, 2013 - 7:13 pm

I’ve never heard of this brand, but some of these are quite pretty!

Briana @ Nail A College Drop Out August 7, 2013 - 8:14 pm

Fistful of Latinum = love!

Leslie August 7, 2013 - 9:28 pm

I agree…Fistful of Latinum is gorgeous!!

erin August 8, 2013 - 4:57 am

Dire Wolf is so great!

Shipra August 8, 2013 - 8:43 am

LOVE Little Rowan, Dire Wolf, and Fistful of Latinum!

Lizzy O. The DIYLady. August 8, 2013 - 10:04 am

Little Rowan and Dire wolf.. oh !! And then Fistful of Latinum. These look great.


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