Ethereal Lacquer x Matterhorn Oils | Honey Collaboration Duo

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of the Ethereal Lacquer x Matterhorn Oils
Honey Collaboration Duo

Ethereal Lacquer & Matterhorn Oils are back at it with another delicious duo! This time around they are bringing us the Ethereal Lacquer x Matterhorn Oils Honey Collaboration Duo!

Honey is typically a scent profile I love mixed with other scented products. One of my favorite scents of all time in an air freshener (which can be difficult to find) is one of those tree air fresheners in the scent Cherry Blossom Honey. But a lot of the scented products I have actually can mix nicely with honey.

Why mention this? Well because… if you hoard Matterhorn like I do – then you can use this straight honey’d out scent or mix it with other (typically floral or fruity) scented Matterhorns.

Unlike previous duos – you can buy these together as a duo, or separate.

Lets take a look – these are available now for purchase!

Matterhorn Oil | Honeycomb

Honeycomb Oil is described as having notes of wild honey, true vanilla and touches of sandalwood. One of the things I enjoyed about this scent is that it isn’t a sickly sweet honey scent and it’s very unisex. Honey mingled with vanilla is the strongest scent but it is given a slightly musky, woody undertone.

Within our house – I’m the only girl. All 3 of us use these though. My son is now 15 and has to shave regularly, but with remote learning he is …. embracing the facial hair even though its patchy and looks like he smeared glue on his face and threw hair clippings at it just to see what would stick. I’m letting him embrace that 15 year old freedom though of shaggy hair and figuring out the facial hair – but in the meantime, at least he gets to use the oils for his facial hair!

Nick uses Matterhorn Oils for his beard. Jacob uses it for his hair (he has thick hair like me) and his facial hair, and I use it for my hair (thanks to laser hair removal, I don’t really have to worry about the facial hair for now.) After showering, add a few drops to your palm (I do about 8-12 drops because I have long, thick hair) and rub it in my palms, then I “scrunch” my hair in my hands and distribute throughout. Jacob does the same, but since his hair is considerable shorter – he only uses about 4-6 drops. It adds a nice scent to your hair and softens it up. Nick has thinner hair so he prefers to use the oils in his beard, and then with the leftover shine on his hands, he runs his hands through his hair to add a little scent.

You can also use this oil on your cuticles or rough skin areas. Elbows, knees, heels – or just apply it on your skin to moisturize a bit. I also use it on my legs after shaving cause it makes em look nice. Not too much though. A little goes a long way.

Ethereal Lacquer | Honeybee

Honeybee is a golden honey strong linear holographic. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

The type of lighting I use isn’t really made to give holographics that “oomph” in photos they deserve, but tryst me when I say this is a much stronger holo in person.

I was also surprised because I have cooler toned skin and golds are usually not the best on me and give me the dreaded “lobster hands” but this gold actually worked nicely with my skin tone.

Ethereal Lacquer x Matterhorn Oils | Honey Collaboration Duo

Another beautifully done collaboration between Ethereal Lacquer and Matterhorn Oils! I cannot wait to see what they do next.

Price: $22.00 for the Duo | $13.00 Each Individually

Where To Buy: Matterhorn Oils Shop

Release Date: April 9th-April 13th

What do you think? Will you be grabbing these?

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