Ethereal Lacquer X Matterhorn Oils | Blue Raspberry Duo

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of the Ethereal Lacquer X Matterhorn Oils
Blue Raspberry Duo

Ethereal Lacquer and Matterhorn Oils are back at it again – and this time it’s a Blue Raspberry Duo!

Usually I do a cute little setup on product photography desk for these, but it’s all packed up at the moment cause we’re moving right along in this whole moving process. So you get a closeup on my nail desk instead!

This year there have been some incredible Ethereal Lacquer X Matterhorn Oil duos released, and each time I think “This is my favorite duo” they outdo themselves.

As usual – this is a DUO and cannot be purchased separate.

This duo launched this morning – so let’s move into it since I’m a little behind (what’s new though, right?)

Ethereal Lacquer | Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry is a vivid, almost medium periwinkle blue like creme base with bright red to gold to green shifting shimmer. Depending on the lighting, it can swing more purple periwinkle or blue periwinkle. My coworker has a much darker tone than I do, and when she wore it – it swung a bit more purpley.

I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Matterhorn Oil | Blue Raspberry

Above is an older photo I did of one of their oils. I own about 15 at this point and we all use them – but the bottle is the same and that’s what I wanted you to see.

Blue Raspberry oil is a scent blend described as raspberry, vanilla, cotton candy, orange and lime. You do get the candy tartness with this one. It reminds me of the Blue Raspberry Blow Pops. Sweet, tart and delicious.

Now I know Matterhorn Oil says beard and hair care on the bottle – but this is so much more than that.

Within our house – I’m the only girl. All 3 of us use these though. Do I have a beard? No. Could I have one? Technically yes, but I’m having laser hair removal to avoid that. Thank you very much.

Nick uses Matterhorn Oils for his beard. Jacob and I both use it for our hair. After showering, add a few drops to your palm (I do about 8-12 drops because I have long, thick hair) and rub it in my palms, then I “scrunch” my hair in my hands and distribute throughout. Jacob does the same, but since his hair is considerable shorter – he only uses about 4-6 drops. It adds a nice scent to your hair and softens it up.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! You can also use this oil on your cuticles or rough skin areas. Elbows, knees, heels – or just apply it on your skin to moisturize a bit. I also use it on my legs after shaving cause it makes em look nice. Not too much though. A little goes a long way.

So you don’t HAVE to have a beard to use this. However – you can buy the duo and then gift the oil to your significant other if they happen to have a beard.

Ethereal Lacquer X Matterhorn Oils | Blue Raspberry Duo

Before this duo – I think Very Cherry was my favorite of the duos, but this might have bumped them down to 2nd.

Price: $23.00 for the Duo (these aren’t available individually)

Where To Buy: Matterhorn Oils Shop

Release Date: June 26th-June 29th

These are available now – so don’t miss out!

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