eDiva The Princess Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer Review (Collab Post with Love for Lacquer!)

by Lisa Heath

eDiva The Princess Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer Review (Collab Post with Love for Lacquer!)

As a lot know, Nick pushed me to start a blog.  He was thrilled when I finally gave in and he got to work creating my webpage and all that.  What he wasn’t so thrilled with is our lack of storage space and the boxes that started piling up in the corner full of supplies and polish that I had absolutely no where to put.  I purchased some small drawer units, but I still didn’t have enough space. Because of our layout, there wasn’t really room for helmers or any floor standing drawer system.

I was approached a week ago to review an eDiva Acrylic Organizer and though “Why not”?  MAN OH MAN!  Because of the mail theft I experienced, I had the delivery sent to my work.  It was HEAVY.  I actually needed a male co worker to carry it to my car for me, and I think even he was struggling a tiny bit on the last little stretch of the journey.

I was expecting a typical acrylic organizer which would fit some of my stuff and alleviate a bit of the clutter, I was able to eliminate 7 small to medium boxes I had piled in the corner (which was all of them) and Nick might have cried some tears of joy to have more floor space back.  This is titled a makeup organizer, but I desperately needed it for my nail products!

Ok enough chatter – lets see some pics!

Full Photo

The eDiva Princess is a 6 drawer system made with thick acrylic.  I love that the whole thing is clear so I can see whats in the drawers.  It did come with dividers, which you will see in a few of the photos!  This case doesn’t wobble or show any signs of having a “weak point”.

3/4 view:

3-4 view

Sorry the pictures appear so dark, the lighting in this room is iffy and the eDiva Princess doesn’t fit in a lightbox ;)

Top View:


Now some of the drawers so you can see what this holds!

Drawer 1 (starting from the bottom!)

bottom drawer

This is the tallest of the drawers and the only one that can fit most polish bottles standing up.  I have a shelf right now that holds most of my polish, but I don’t have one that holds my top coats, base coats and nail care – so I used the bottom drawer to do this!  I used a divider in this drawer (it is optional so I can take it out if needed).  I have my top/base coats, cuticle care, nail whitener and hand scrubs and lotions in here.

2nd drawer:


I have a ton of mini polishes I’ve purchased over time, or was sent for review.  I have 115 mini’s in this drawer right now and still have some room to spare!

3rd drawer:


This is my nail maintenance drawer for the most part!  Files, buffers, cuticle oil and balms, clippers, snippers and cuticle pushers!  In the back are my nail art stripper paints as well.

4th Drawer:


This was kind of my miscellaneous travel drawer!  Travel packets of hand creams and single use removers, correction pens, foot prep, etc!

5th Drawer:


Annnd the art drawer!  Fimo sticks, nail gems, glitters, glue and striping tape!

6th and Final Drawer:


This is where I am keeping my stamping supplies, stencils, decals magnetix and qtips for cleanup!

Whew – that’s all of them!  I was able to fit quite a bit in here and some drawers still have room to spare!  I have it sitting on my desk and it should be nice to not have to dig around in search of something I need mid mani!

The actual Dimensions of the eDiva Princess is 12″ wide by 16″ high.  It comes with X shaped dividers as well as a 1 year warranty too!

The eDiva Princess retails for $297.00 (free shipping) OR you can make 3 easy payments of $99.00 if $297 at once is a bit too much for you!

If the eDiva Princess is a little too big for your needs, eDiva also carries the Duchess which retails for $198.00 or 3 easy payments of $66.00!

This one unit eliminated a ton of clutter and everything is in one neat and organized area!

I used my eDiva for my Nail Polish & Supply needs – check out Love For Lacquer’s post on how she used it for her Cosmetic Needs!  These are just 2 uses for the eDiva Princess – but there are so many more!

Head on over to eDiva.com for order info!

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***Product in this post was provided for review.  All opinions are my own.***

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Mercedes March 3, 2013 - 1:10 pm

Nice post ladies. It was great to see the many options for using this type of storage system. I like that it is clear so you can easily see whats inside.

Kendra March 8, 2013 - 5:49 pm

I kind of want this! so, so cool!


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