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by Lisa Heath

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I had so many plans to get this post up yesterday, but then I got called into work – so those plans went completely out the window!

Today I have some gorgeous new products from Doucce Cosmetics that are on right now!  While I love my polish, there is just something about a stunning lip color that just brightens your day.

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I am showing you Doucce Cosmetics today and Gloss48 will be featuring the new Doucce spring collection for 25% off from 3/3-3/10!

Let’s look at the colors I received!



I received 3 Doucce lipglosses – 2 Gloss Wears and 1 Lush Lipgloss.

Gloss Wear Lipgloss

Gloss Wear Lipgloss

I received Doucce’s Gloss Wear Lipgloss in Tasty Mango and Crimson Lust.  Both are perfect, vibrant Spring shades.

The Gloss Wear shades have a sticky formula, almost no scent and a brush applicator.  The pigmentation is to die for.  These have the coverage of a lipstick, but the juiciness of a gloss.  I found that they lasted about 2-3 hours on before I needed to reapply.

Gloss Wear colors

Tasty Mango is an orange leaning coral gloss and Crimson Lust is an orange leaning red gloss.  I love the color of Tasty Mango, but unfortunately my skin tone did not.  Crimson Lust was more suited for me… but I will still gaze at Tasty Mango and hope that one day I can make it work on me!

Lust Lipgloss

Lush Lip Gloss

I received the Lust Lipgloss in Milk Latte.  Lust Lipgloss has incredible pigmentation and glides on easy with a doe foot applicator.  Lust Lipgloss has a sticky formula and not much of a scent.

Lush Lip Gloss

Milk Latte is a red tinged brown gloss that is more like a gloss coverage (whereas Gloss Wear had coverage like a lipstick).  I found it lasted about 2 hours on, but left a hint of color long after the glossiness wore off.



Now we move onto the stuff I love!  LIPSTICK!

While I love the occasional gloss, lipsticks are more my thing!  I received 4 Doucce lipsticks in 2 different formulas.  One is Mineral Matt (no I didn’t forget the ‘e’) and Wet Fusion Lipstick.

Mineral Matt

Mineral Matte Lipsticks

I received 2 Mineral Matt Lipsticks in the shades Scarlet Rose and Sunkissed Sienna.

Mineral Matte Lipsticks glide in easy and set with a semi matte formula.  They didn’t dry my lips out like typical matte lipsticks do.  They offered nice coverage and beautiful pigmentation and lasted 5-6 hours before I needed to reapply.

Scarlet Rose is a vibrant pink toned red and Sunkissed Sienna is a red toned medium brown.

Wet Fusion Lipstick

Wet Fusion

I saved my favorite of them all for last!

Wet Fusion Lipsticks are my favorite of the Doucce items that I received.  I received them in French Luxury and Nautilus.

Wet Fusion Lipsticks offer a creamy formula with semi opaque coverage.  You would have to do 2-3 layers to reach full opacity, so if you are into lighter, sheerer lip colors for Spring, then these are for you.  They aren’t so sheer that they are “barely there” so don’t think that.  You will get nice color and coverage, they just won’t be 100% opaque.

I got a good 4 hours of wear out of both of these shades.

French Luxury is a pink toned red (even though it looks darker in the tube) and Nautilus is a light orange with a slight hint of pink.

Usually Nautilus wouldn’t be wearable for me, but because it isn’t fully opaque I can apply it with a light hand and it doesn’t look so harsh against my skin tone.

Lipstick colors


This is definitely a brand to watch for.  The pigmentation on all of the products I received was top notch.  The glosses provided amazing coverage but the lipsticks were the winners for me (but that’s personal preference)

The Wet Fusion line is one I will be getting more of while they are still on  I already looked and I need to grab Paradise Pink as well as Havana Red.

Prices: $15.00 – $18.00 until March 10th

Where To Buy: Gloss48.c0m Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Gloss48.c0m Sale Ends: March 10th, 2015

Do any of these shades interest you?  I’d love to hear about it!

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Renu March 8, 2015 - 2:56 pm

I’m loving those lippies! Sunkissed Sienna and French Luxury are so pretty! Great haul!

Erika March 9, 2015 - 5:57 am

Those lippies look fantastic. I am wearing Spring shades. Just waiting for my calendar to catch up.

Justina March 9, 2015 - 11:19 am

I love shopping on Gloss48!


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