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by Lisa Heath

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One of the things I’m going to try to do more this year is post about my personal purchases. I do a lot of press sample posts, and they are time consuming, but I also want my readers to see what I actually buy. Some things are guilty pleasure purchases, others are more curiosity fueled.

Tonight I have a review on Dollar Shave Club. I love a good subscription box, but this also is something I will use. I subscribe to a few subscription boxes, most notably Scentbird (I’m going to try to review each month when my fragrances come in, I’ve had it for over a year, so it’s about time),  Sephora Play! and Ipsy.

I keep seeing ads on Facebook for Dollar Shave Club and I finally said “why not?” The first box is $1  and ships free, so if I didn’t like it I’d be out a whole buck.

There are 3 different types you can subscribe to. The Humble Twin, which has 2 blades and you get 5 refill cartridges a month for $1 plus $2 Shipping and Handling (this is the only one that has shipping and handling fees). The second is The 4X and you get 4 blades and 4 refill cartridges a month for $6 and free shipping. The final one, and the one I went with, is The Executive. For $9 a month (free shipping) and it comes with 6 blades and 4 refill cartridges a month.

I went with The Executive. This is for me by the way, not Nick. I don’t generally care for the women’s razors in stores and usually buy men’s razors instead (I’ve been using the Gillette Mach 3 for years) but the price of blades always makes me cringe. Not that it really matters, but I have PCOS and the hair on my legs grows in thick and dark and usually mangles cheap blades after a couple uses. I simply found I got a better shave with men’s style razors.

At any rate, I signed up for The Executive. This particular razor features 6 stainless steel blades with a special trimmer edge built in (not that I need it, but it is there) and I get 4 cartridges a month for only $9 after the initial box, which only cost me $1.

I didn’t notice until after that each level has a different handle too. The Executive handle has a nice bit of weight to it, without being too heavy. It has a nice grip as well, and anyone who’s ever been shaving their legs and had a razor slips might understand why that’s important. I have a couple scars too from no grip handles slipping. I’m clumsy.

With the starter box I received the handle and 4 cartridges, but from here on out I will receive just the 4 cartridges monthly.  For $9 I find that to be a good deal. I think I pay just a little more for the Mach 3 cartridges (usually in a 5 pack) but for me, this is more convenient. I usually forget to buy cartridges (even though I practically live in Walgreens and Target) and soon I have a VERY dull blade and a lot of razor burn. Ouch. With Dollar Shave Club they will be delivered to me, so I can be just a little more lazy, but with a much better shave.

Did I like The Executive? Yes. Very much so. My legs are silky smooth, I didn’t have razor burn after and I didn’t cut myself (yay!) I got a really close shave and for $9 a month, totally worth it to me. Plus I won’t forget to pick the cartridges up at the store anymore, because I don’t have to remember to!

I didn’t just stop there though. As I was checking out with The Executive, it showed a couple items as recommendations. All of the extras are men’s products, but hey, Nick likes trying new things too.

My $1 first month turned into a “mainly Nick purchase” after that. I originally bought the shave butter for him, but I ended up keeping that for me.

Here are the initial thoughts from Nick on the extra goodies I bought him:

Easy Shave Butter: I ended up keeping this. It helps soften hair for a nice, easy shave. I tried it once and was hooked. I liked it better than the shave gels, foams and creams I’ve purchased in the past. It does have a slightly masculine smell, but I’m ok with that.

Easy Shave Butter comes in a 6 oz tube for $8.00. I will be buying more.

Sage & Black Pepper Shampoo and Conditioner: Honestly I bought this for him because the scent combo sounded interesting. The scent is masculine but not overpowering. It has a refreshing minty tingle (which I love.. yes I tried it!) and my hair looked pretty nice after. I didn’t love it more than my Dove shampoo and conditioner though, so I let Nick keep it.

Sage & Black Pepper Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner comes in 8 fl oz bottles and cost $9.50 each for each bottle. We won’t be repurchasing. While we like it, it’s a bit pricey and doesn’t do anything our cheaper shampoos and conditioners don’t do.

Mint Cedarwood Awakening Body Cleanser: Nick likes a good, refreshing body wash for his morning shower. It helps him wake up (I’m the same way) and he really loved this one. It also has a masculine scent and doesn’t leave him feeling dry and itchy. He likes the scent combo.

Awakening Body Cleanser comes in a 12 fl oz bottle for $9.50. He will be buying more.

Citrus Hawaiian Ginger Daily Face Cleanser: Nick is the kinda guy who uses soap to wash his face. He has good skin, so if it works for him, keep with it. He tried out the daily face cleanser, but it’s not for him. He’s going to stick with his usual routine. He did like the scent though and he said his skin felt nice afterwards.

Hydrating Daily Face Cleanser comes in a 3 fl oz tube for $5.50

So to sum it up – out of these 5 extras I bought on a whim, I will be repurchasing the Easy Shave Butter as well as the Mint Cedarwood Awakening Body Cleanser. We’ll skip on the other 3.

Dollar Shave Club  Overview

Am I happy with Dollar Shave Club? So far I am very pleased with it. It’s a convenient service that’s actually more of a necessity for me than my other subscription boxes (I can’t even wear perfume at work anymore… but I still love Scentbird!) and the price is right.

I haven’t gotten my second box yet, but my first box was a whole dollar for the handle and 4 cartridges, so if I didn’t like it – I wasn’t out a whole lot. I did buy extra items, some of which were good, others were decent but not for me (or Nick) If you find that you want to skip a month, they also have the option to skip. I doubt I will, but it’s nice to know I can.

Interested? You can head to Dollar Shave Club and check out their 3 monthly options and see which one is right for you, or your significant other. Monthly boxes range from $3 to $9, but the first box for any of the 3 options is only $1.

I’d love to hear if you or your significant other subscribes to Dollar Shave Club and what your thoughts on it are!

Products in this post were purchased by me. This post contains affiliate links.

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Charity May 4, 2017 - 11:10 am

I recently subscribed to Dollar Shave Club for myself and I have to say I love it. I also used the Gillette men’s razors prior to and was paying $13 for the re-fill cartridges. So, I’m saving a few bucks and they work very well!


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