Doctor Lacquer Something Spatial: Galaxies Collection Swatches & Review

by Lisa Heath

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Forgive me for any typing errors in this post – my motherboard fried on my computer and I’m working on my MacBook which I’m not entirely use to (even though I’ve had it for months, this is probably the 5th time I’ve used it… can we say “unnecessary impulse buy”?) BUT I guess it does come in handy to have it for moments like these!

Tonight I have the Doctor Lacquer Something Spatial: Galaxies collection to show you!  A couple weeks ago I showed you the Something Spatial: Stars Collection and this is the “darker” set in comparison (but no flakies).

What is the Something Spatial: Galaxies collection?  It’s a collection of  4 colorshifting thermal polishes! All the galaxies have a jelly base that transitions from dark and deep when cold, and light and gray to almost white when warm! Dries satin, but I top coated all of them.


Whirlpool side by side

Whirlpool shifts green, gold, white and red.  Above you can see the head on color change from warm to cold.  I used 2 coats for these photos.

Whirlpool cold

Whirlpool warm

Whirlpool shift cold

Milky Way

Milky Way side by side

Milky Way is one of my favorites!

Milky Way shifts gold, red and violet.  Above you can see the darker “cold” base and the lighter “warm” base.  I used 2 coats for these photos.

Milky Way

Milky Way warm

Milky Way cold shift


Cartwheel side by side

Cartwheel shifts violet, blue and green.  Above you can see the darker “cold” base and the lighter “warm” base.  I used 2 coats for these photos.

Cartwheel cold

Cartwheel warm

Cartwheel cold shift


Andromeda side by side

Andromeda shifts red, violet and blue.  This is another favorite of mine.  I used 2 coats for these photos.

Andromeda cold

Andromeda warm

Andromeda cold shift


Between Something Spatial: Stars and Something Spatial: Galaxies, while I liked both sets – Galaxies is my favorite.  I love the darker shades with the shifting shimmer within.  They all look really pretty in both the warm and cold state.

Price: $9.99 Each

Where To Buy: Doctor Lacquer Shop

What did you think of these thermals by Doctor Lacquer?

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Nicole C March 4, 2015 - 9:43 pm

Great swatches!! I never really got into thermals, but the cold version of these polishes are gorgeous!

Painted Fingertips March 4, 2015 - 11:40 pm

These are so lovely! I love how shimmery they look in the warm state and the dark shades of the cold state are amazing!

Shelby Lou Nails March 5, 2015 - 6:06 am

These are so interesting!

Jessica March 5, 2015 - 7:53 am

Wow, these are all really lovely but I like Whirlpool the best, I think.

Marisa - Hey, Darling Polish March 5, 2015 - 10:12 am

Gahh, these are all really pretty! Andromeda is my favorite!

Roselynn March 5, 2015 - 10:13 am

Two of my all time favorite, Doctor Lacquer and thermals! Love your macro shots.

Deborah March 5, 2015 - 10:29 am

The strong colorshifts are amazing, woah! Gorgeous swatches, as well.

Simona March 5, 2015 - 12:10 pm

Andromeda would probably be my favourite but they are really all super pretty!

Ali@FixinToFaff March 5, 2015 - 4:48 pm

The cold on all of these! So drooly!

Jenny Gilmore March 5, 2015 - 6:45 pm

Milky Way is SOOOO fabulous!

Katie Rae Nystuen March 5, 2015 - 7:32 pm

Great review, lovely collection. I really like the colors when warm, but not a huge fan of the pale shades when cold. Hope your computer gets fixed soon!

Ameerh@Valiantly Varnished March 5, 2015 - 7:45 pm

Milky Way is amazing!

Dani From Polish, with Love March 6, 2015 - 12:43 pm

I love the fact that these are thermals!! They are so super gorgeous, I just can’t seem to pick a favorite!

Lothwen March 8, 2015 - 10:39 am

Wow the transitions are so pronounced!


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