Cuticula Scented Nail Tape

by Lisa Heath
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Cuticula Scented Nail Tape

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Tonight I have Cuticula Scented Nail Tape to share with you!

Okay so what is Nail Tape? It’s liquid latex to protect your skin if you tend to paint outside the lines or if you do nail art and don’t want to hassle with the cleanup (like from gradients, water marbles or stamping). We’ve all seen the liquid latex, but for many – the latex scent is a little too much for them. Cuticula adds scent to their nail tape so it hides the typical latex scent, plus they throw in some cute little microglitters to add a little sparkle as well.

If you’ve been around my blog for awhile, you know I rarely do any nail art. Not because I don’t want to, but because I’m just plain not very good at it.  I did attempt some stamping, which we’ll see at the bottom – but for most of this post I wanted to show the color and glitters within them, and also go over the scent description.

To start off though, I do want to say that all of these scents are lighter. None were “in your face” or overpowering. The scent lingers very lightly on your skin for a bit after using it as well, but once you wash your hands it does go away. I don’t believe the scent is strong enough to trigger migraines, but if you know you are sensitive to any type of scent, please be cautious.

Let’s take a look!

 Campfire S’mores

Campfire Smores initially smells smokey, like a campfire, but as it dries down – you get hints of sweetness like marshmallows. I don’t smell the chocolate or graham cracker too much, but I can tell there’s something else there.  It’s an interesting scent and fairly mellow.

This liquid nail tape dries down to a deeper grey with microglitters in black and holographic.


How can anyone release a set of scented products in the Fall without included something pumpkin scented? #PumpkinAllTheThings is a sweet but spiced pumpkin scent. It’s actually nicely balanced so neither the spice or the sugary sweetness overpowers the other.

#PumpkinAllTheThings dries down to an ivory and contains light orange and holo microglitters.

Baked Apple Pie

Baked Apple Pie is easily my favorite of the group. This has the mellow aroma of apple pie – slightly tart apples with some cinnamon and pie crust.

Baked Apple Pie dries down to a light beigey yellow and has gold and orange microglitters mixed in.

Candied Pears

Candied Pears probably had the strongest scent of the 7 for me. This isn’t a bad thing, it just was the most noticeable, so if you have sensitivities to scent – you might not want to start with this particular one. It smells of sweet pears and caramel. Almost makes me wish there was also a candied apple or caramel apple nail tape too!

Candied Pears dries down to a medium, vibrant green and has gold and green holo microglitters.


I personally found Huckleberry to be the lightest of the 7 scents, so again – those with sensitivities that want to test the waters with these, Huckleberry would be a good one to start with. Huckleberry is a light blend of berries, grape and peach. Slightly sweet, but very faint.

Huckleberry dries down to a light lavender with purple, aqua and holo microglitters.

Out Of The Woods

Out Of The Woods is an interesting scent, but I could NOT place what it was – until I read the description. It’s a blend of fig with woods, moss, musk, hyacinth with vanilla. It’s slightly earthy, a tiny bit floral and all of it mellows out with the vanilla.

Out Of The Woods dries down to a vibrant coral with red, gold and black microglitter.

Dr. P

Dr P is basically Dr Pepper! There are notes of cherry and orange and a dash of clove and cinnamon. Fruity but slightly spicy. Nick said this was his favorite, but he’s also a Dr Pepper fan (I’m kind of team Mountain Dew over here)

Dr. P dries down to a strawberry pink and has red, black and holo microglitters.

And now… my attempt at stamping!

So basically I have an idea of HOW to stamp, and this turned out pretty decent. My biggest error was on my ring finger (I missed a section) but also that I used an image that overpowered my sparkly base color. BUT you can see that the Cuticula Nail Tape protected the skin, so that blue stamping that’s on the nail tape will just peel off with the tape for little to no cleanup! Yay!

See the chunk I missed from the ring finger? I didn’t notice until I was done. Aside from that nail though, I didn’t do too badly. I’ve done worse for sure. We’ll leave it at that.

Cuticula Scented Nail Tape Overview

Overall Cuticula Nail Tape is incredibly easy to use, dries fairly quick and smells really nice. I love that the scent isn’t super strong, so you can smell it but it doesn’t knock you on your butt. I didn’t find any of the scents off putting, but like I said in my review – to me personally, Candied Pear had the strongest scent while Huckleberry had the lightest scent. My favorite was Baked Apple Pie followed by Campfire S’mores. Nick’s favorite – Dr. P.

If you are a fan of Strawberry Lemonade – Cuticula is participating in this month’s Polish Pickup and you can grab Cuticula Strawberry Lemonade scented Nail Tape until Monday.

Price: $8.25 Each

Where To Buy: Cuticula Shop

Cuticula Social Media: Instagram | Facebook | Facebook Group

I do have one more Cuticula review coming up tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it!




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