Covergirl Blast Flipstick Lipcolor in Whisper and Pout

by Lisa Heath

Covergirl Blast Flipstick Lipcolor is a dual ended tube of lipstick that gives you the choice of using either end of lipstick (one side is a solid cream color, the other is a sheerer shimmer shade) or layering both colors together for a 3rd color.  I liked the packaging on it and the idea of having basically 3 lipsticks in one tube.

I spotted these at Walgreens and got all excited.  Swatches online looked gorgeous and Walgreens had a decent selection (there are 13 shades in this collection, Walgreens had about 9 of them in stock) to choose from.  So I inspected the colors and settled on Pucker and Whisper.

Whisper consists of a soft baby pink shade on one side, and the other side is a more pinky mauve.  I wore this color to work yesterday and loved the color (I layered both sides).  I put it on around 7:10 am, dropped my son off at school and got to work around 8:15.  I looked in the mirror and my lips were bare.  No trace of color – you couldn’t even tell I had applied lipstick!  I still hadn’t even had my morning coffee let alone something to nibble on and the lipstick was gone!  Ugh!

This morning I thought “I’ll try Pucker, maybe it was just Whisper that had an issue”.  NOPE!  I put Pucker on this morning around 7:25, took my son to school and got to work at 8:30 as I got out of my car I checked my makeup in my review mirror… and the lipstick was gone!  AGAIN.  I wasn’t thrilled with the color of Pucker to being with, it sorta looked like I made out with a Pepto Bismal bottle but for the sake of blogging, I dealt with it.  Luckily it seems no one else saw my Pepto pout.

Pucker (L) Whisper (R)

Now, I’m not a lip biter and I don’t lick my lips constantly – so there is NO reason this color should have vanished so quickly!  If I had a drink or ate breakfast and it went away a little I could understand, but nothing!  Both shades I got were in the pink family, so hopefully their darker/brighter Red and Berry shades last longer because right now I feel seriously robbed.  I like the Covergirl brand overall but have never been this thoroughly disappointed in one of their products.

I will try using just ONE end of each lipstick this weekend and see if layering ruined it, but I’m not coming to work lipstickless anymore this week.   Figures I cleaned my purse out last night and took out my other lippies so I couldn’t touch it up.

The swatches I did show each end of the lipstick and the center stripe is the 2 lipsticks layers.

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