Ciaté Advent Calendar NOTD – Day 7!

by Lisa Heath

Ciaté Advent Calendar NOTD – Day 7!

This post is a little (ok a LOT) later than normal, but I’ve been a busy mama tonight.  My son’s school had Movie Night (basically for 5 dollars they watch your child for 3 hours and show them a feature movie and feed them pizza).  I live about 40 minutes away from his school though, so I picked him up from after school day care, took him back to the school at 6:15 to sign him in, ran all the way home, ate dinner then headed right back to pick him up at 9:00.  I’m ready for bed, but wanted to get Day 7 done on time!

Nick is already in bed, so I didn’t have his photography services tonight.  You are stuck with my iPad photo.  Sorry.

Day 7 of the Ciaté Advent Calendar brings us… Cutie Pie!

Cutie Pie is a very pale baby pink.  This is a sheer polish and I used 4 coats for this photo.  It was a bit streaky and I wasn’t willing to do a 5th coat to see if it evened out.  After coat 3 I said “If coat 4 doesn’t do it, I’m done”.  It’s a very pretty color, but I’m slightly disappointed in how many coats it took to get to the level it’s at.

You can purchase the full Ciaté Advent Calendar at Sephora if it’s still in stock.  I know the one nearest me already sold out, and last I check it was sold out on as well.

Mini bottles in the Ciaté Advent Calendar at 5ml each

Retail is $58.00 (for the full calendar)

Individual Full Size Cutie Pie can be found on  for $15.00 as well as on the Ciaté Website  for  £9.00

***Products in this post were given to me as a gift.  All opinions are my own.***

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