China Glaze Magnetix (I’m going to be so broke in the coming months)

by Lisa Heath

For months I’ve been reading about Magnetic Nail Polish but have never tried it.  I’ve seen videos of them and think they look awesome!  I may finally invest in them!

According to China Glaze will be releasing a Limited Edition Collection called Magnetix in Mid February.  The polishes themselves will retail for $10.00 and you can buy the Magnets separately for another $10.00.  I’m assuming its $10.00 for the 3 available magnets which will be in the patterns Starburst, Diagonal Lines and Repeating Arrows.

The Magnetix lacquer colors will be in:

  • You Move Me — Luxe gold metallic;
  • Cling On — Gorgeous green metallic;
  • Pull Me Close — Crystal blue metallic;
  • Instant Chemistry — Sophisticated metallic berry;
  • Drawn To You — Subtle metallic lilac; and
  • Attraction — Chic metallic chrome.

Instant Chemistry and Attraction will be mine for sure!


Again, these should be available in Mid-February for $10.00 per polish and $10.00 for the Magnet(s).

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