CDB Lacquer Scattered Holo Thermal Rainbow Summer Collection Swatches & Review

by Lisa Heath

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I have a new to me indie on the blog today!  This is the CDB Lacquer’s Rainbow Thermal Summer collection with scattered holo.  There are 3 different versions of this set you can get.  Aside from the scattered holo version I am about to show you, there is also a regular line (no holo or glitter) and a glitter line, so you can get these hot thermals depending on your preference.

Raging Red

Raging Red collage

Raging Red is my favorite from this collection.  This goes from a neon pink leaning red to a watermelon pink with a subtle scattered holographic.  I used 2 coats and a top coat for these photos.

Below are photos from cold (red) to hot (pink)

Raging Red Cold

Raging Red Cold macro

Raging Red transition

Raging Red transition macro

Raging Red Hot

Raging Red Hot macro

Playful Purple

Playful Purple Collage

Playful Purple is another favorite (I am a purple fiend!) and this goes from a purple to a neon violet and has a subtle scattered holo.  I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Below are photos from cold (purple) to hot (violet)

Playful Purple cold

Playful Purple cold  macro

Playful Purple transition

Playful Purple transition macro

Playful Purple hot

Playful Purple hot macro

Bubbly Blue

Bubbly Blue collage

Bubbly Blue goes from a beautiful medium blue to a neon blue with a scattered holo.  I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Below are photos from cold (medium blue) to hot (neon blue)

Bubbly Blue cold

Bubbly Blue cold macro

Bubbly Blue transition

Bubbly Blue transition macro

Bubbly Blue hot

Bubbly Blue hot macro

Gleeful Green

Gleeful Green collage

Gleeful Green goes from a medium bright green to a neon lime green with a subtle scattered holo.  I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Below are photos from cold (medium bright green) to hot (neon lime green)

Gleeful Green cold

Gleeful Green cold macro

Gleeful Green transition

Gleeful Green transition macro

Gleeful Green hot

Gleeful Green hot macro

Youthful Yellow

Youthful Yellow Collage

Youthful Yellow goes from a medium yellow to a neon highlighter yellow with a subtle holo.  I used 3 thin coats for these photos.

Below are photos from cold (medium yellow) to hot (neon yellow)

Youthful Yellow cold

Youthful Yellow cold macro

Youthful Yellow transition

Youthful Yellow transition macro

Youthful Yellow hot

Youthful Yellow hot macro

Outgoing Orange

Outgoing Orange Collage

Last up is Outgoing Orange!  This goes from a vibrant medium orange to a yellow toned neon orange.  I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Below are photos from cold (medium orange) to hot (neon orange)

Outgoing Orange cold

Outgoing Orange cold macro

Outgoing Orange transition

Outgoing Orange transition macro

Outgoing Orange Hot

Outgoing Orange hot macro


As I said earlier in the post, this is the scattered holo version of the Thermal Rainbow collection.  If scattered holo isn’t your thing, you can also get these with glitters or regular with no holo or glitter added.

The scattered holo within each shade is subtle and doesn’t overpower the bright colors or the color shift, but still adds a slight element of sparkle to spice it up.  Application wise, these applied beautifully and dried down to a semi matte (typical with bright/neon shades).  I really liked that the thermal shifts still kept the polish within the same color family.  I own a lot of thermals and most shift from one color family to an entirely different color family.  Because these keep within the same color family from hot to cold they end up looking like a gradual and more natural gradient and it’s slightly subtle and eye catching.

Where To Buy: CDB Lacquer Shop

Social Media for CDB Lacquer: Facebook | Instagram

Release Date: May 1st, 2015

Are you a thermal fan? What did you think of this scattered holo thermal collection?

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Deborah April 23, 2015 - 7:53 am

I can see why you like Raging Red best – it’s a stunner! Love the transition <3.

Cheyenne April 23, 2015 - 8:17 am

Thank you for such beautiful swatches and review! I’m glad you enjoyed them!!

Jessica April 23, 2015 - 9:15 am

Raging Red…oh my that is one awesome polish!! I love how you’ve shown each of these, beautiful job!

The Dalai Lama's Nails April 23, 2015 - 9:27 am

Can you believe that I don’t own any thermals. They are just so cool! I like that these shift in the same color family, too — very minimalist gradient

Roselynn April 23, 2015 - 10:53 am

Gorgeous swatches! I definitely love the scattered holo variation, I’m swatching the creme versions of them now.

Color Me So Crazy April 23, 2015 - 2:19 pm

I usually like the thermals that dramatically change colors but I never thought of these close color changing thermals. I kind of like that. It’s like an easy gradient. What a great idea!

Shawna April 23, 2015 - 4:32 pm

I like thermals and love them combined with a scattered holo :) These are cute!

Polished Hippy April 23, 2015 - 6:00 pm

Raging Red is adorable! I love that it is classic with a twist.

Katherine April 23, 2015 - 7:55 pm

Very pretty! I love thermals, though I still don’t own any myself!

Lothwen April 24, 2015 - 10:01 am

Although some transitions are not that pronounced, I love the colours and the fact it has scattered holo, so this collection is a WIN!

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