butter LONDON Lippy & Lacquer Duos in Come to Bed Red and Queen Vic Swatches and Reviews

by Lisa Heath

butter LONDON Lippy & Lacquer Duos in Come to Bed Red and Queen Vic Swatches and Reviews

Happy Thursday!  Today I have some butter LONDON beauties to show you!  I’m really loving their Lippy & Nail Lacquer duos and I have 2 in this post!  Come to Bed Red and Queen Vic.  I won’t lie, both Lippy colors intimidated me something fierce, but after applying them I really loved them, even on me.  I generally wear very toned down lip glosses and lipsticks, the butter LONDON Lippy’s were very vibrant and rich in color, but I can see myself wearing these more!

Ready to see?

Queen Vic Nail Lacquer:

Let’s start with my favorite!  Queen Vic is a vibrant cranberry creme.  I used 3 coats for my mani.  I probably could have gotten away with 2, but my nails are getting really long ( I do need to chop them down soon!) so I did a 3rd coat for good measure.  The formula was great on this one!

Queen Vic Lippy:

Here is the matching Lippy!  This went really good with my skintone!  Just like the nail lacquer, Queen Vic Lippy is a cranberry creme, but the polish on me was a richer purple while the lippy leans more pinkish. I only used 1 coat of gloss on my lips for this pic (the way I prefer it) but it IS a buildable color.  This is a “sticky lippy”, so if you aren’t thrilled with that, this may not be for you.  The gloss lasted about 4 hours on me and even after the “stickiness” went away, the color remained.

Come To Bed Red Nail Lacquer:

Now THIS is a RED polish!   Come To Bed Red is a classic, bright red creme!  I don’t wear red much.  I do love red, but I work with paper a lot at work and I usually leave red “scuff marks” behind on paper whenever I do a red mani, so I avoid it a bit now.  I used 3 coats for this mani and a glossy top coat.

Come To Bed Red Lippy:

Just like it’s nail lacquer buddy, this is a classic, bright red creme!  BUT I found it to be a wearable red as far as lippy’s go.  I generally shy away from red lips because I generally look goofy in it or like a 5 year old who decided to put on mommy’s lipstick.  It just never works out for me.  I did like this one and may save it for special occasions when I build up the nerve to wear it again (I was THAT intimidated!).  It is a beautiful color though, and the color lasted a good 5 hours on me.  This photo shows 1 coat of Come To Bed Red Lippy, but it is buildable if you wish for a richer, deeper red.

I want more Lippy & Nail Lacquer Duo’s!  I love that they came out with matching sets and I do think the Lippy formula changed since the last set I used.  The colors seemed milkier before when I tested them, and these aren’t (I prefer these).

You can find butter LONDON Lippy’s and Nail Lacquer for sale at butterLONDON.com

butter LONDON Nail Lacquer retails for $14.00

butter LONDON Lippy’s retail for $17.00 per

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Shannon October 11, 2012 - 7:41 pm

I truly love your nails so much! I wish mine looked as fantastic! Anything you put on looks awesome!


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