Blog Sale

by Lisa Heath
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Blog Sale

The great blog sale purge of 2020 is officially over. Thank you to everyone who snagged one (or a ton) of my beloved polishes from my collection. Everything left (even those I didn’t have a chance to list) is being picked up for donation tomorrow.

In just 1 month I was able to ship over 800 packages and 234 of those packages were grab bags! I hope everyone loves their new beauties and I truly appreciate everyone who took a peek!

***UPDATED 7/19 at 11:30am PST – New photos at the end of post****

This is the FINAL update to the post. All orders must be paid for by Tuesday (7/21) at Noon PST. Otherwise invoices will be cancelled. I will spend Tuesday packaging orders and dropping off Wednesday. No exceptions.

Due to package supplies running low – I will no longer haggle.

**Everything paid for by 7/15 has shipped!**

So it’s finally that time. After over 8 years of blogging, I need to purge a LARGE portion of my collection. We will be moving and I simply can’t take over 13,000 polishes with us. I am only allowing myself to keep a few polishes from each brand that I simply can’t live without.

I want to be clear that this sale is in no way an indication that I’m breaking up with a brand or mad at them. Plain and simple – I have too much and this hurts me to part with all my pretties. My move is your gain though.

Please be patient with me on responding, I am still working full time and can’t respond as quickly while at work.

Here are the rules:

US Only At this Time
To claim polishes – email me at [email protected] and title email “Blog Sale”
Priority goes by timestamp.
Please include your Paypal Address so I can Invoice
Once I respond to the email with final amount and paypal invoice, you have 24 hours to pay or claimed polishes go to the next person in line.
Each polish is $8 unless otherwise indicated.
Shipping is $3.00 for the first polish and 50 cents for each additional up to 5. Then it goes to priority mail shipping cost which is $7.65

I will ship within 3-5 days of receiving payment. Most likely I’ll ship within 48 hours of receiving payment – however, I do have to sort through a lot to find each polish.
Payment is only to be through Paypal – G&S. I will not do F&F.
I would rather not haggle unless you are buying a lot of polishes. I need to move these and I’m in the packing and cleaning process and don’t have time to haggle. Anything I don’t sell is being donated to churches and charities (which is what I’m already doing with mainstreams)

I cannot hold polishes or search for specific ones. With over 13,000 and half in helmers and the other half in one of about 20 boxes throughout the house – I just simply cannot do it. I’m trying to clear the house out to move, so holding isn’t ideal for my situation

This post will be updated when time allows. I’m listing as I pull Helmer drawers out – and this is only 2 1/2 Helmer drawers so far. I have 15 Helmers, a rack and multiple boxes of various polishes.

I will also offer Mystery Box/Bag! There will be 2 types:

6 Full Size Indies for $30.00 including shipping
10 Full Size Indies for $45.00 including shipping

For those curious on how grab bags are done: I have 15 Helmers and while I am pulling from one set of Helmers at random to list, I will pull grab bags from a different set of Helmers which has a similar mix of brands and more.

If you would like a mystery box/bag – it will not include anything individually listed. I will not take brand requests, but I will try to avoid any colors you dislike to the best of my ability.

Things you should know:

I am in California. I wake up around 7am PST and immediately get ready for work. I can’t start answering emails until around my lunch break at 11:30am PST. Please be patient.

Some polishes are never used, the rest are used for 1 mani. I don’t know which I’ve used at this point. Some I have multiple bottles of – so 1 might be used for 1 mani, while the others are new. But I’m selling as used 1 time to be safe.

Some fading may have occurred. I’ve swatched many polishes and simply don’t recall if a polish is now faded. I provided photos I took today to show the color it is now to the best of my ability. If it has faded, it should be obvious if you look up swatch photos on Google.

I have a cat. I can’t help critter glitter and will do my best to wipe down each polish before it leaves here – but rubberized caps are a PITA and critter glitter sticks sometimes. Some might have a bit of dust. I will also try to wipe that down.

I have polishes dating back 8 years. Some need a good shake to remix. Some might need thinner.

I am trying to avoid adding thermals unless i know they still transition. Some don’t say thermals – and I don’t always remember which were thermals.

Please Google swatches. I took these photos and some colors do distort and color correcting 1 polish could morph another in the photo – so please look up what you will be purchasing.

Some polishes have no label, handwritten label, or a coded label (some polishes I get aren’t named yet) – I will do my best to say which they are if coded – but no guarantees if I can’t find the info.

No refunds. I requested you look up swatches and I can’t do much more than that. If a polish isn’t what you want, I’m sorry but I cannot refund you. All sales are final.

I think that’s everything. Let’s look at the individual listings.

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer: SOLD, The Siren’s a Callin’, Siren’s Fever Dream,SOLD , SOLD

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer: Starlight In The Gloom, SOLD, Won’t Sleep Again, SOLD, Split The Night

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer: Broke Away From The Atmosphere, SOLD, In The Dawning Light (Ugly Bottle Syndrome), SOLD

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer: These Be Rubies Fairy Favors, Set Me On Fire In The Evening, Kiss Your Cheek and Goodnight

Cadillacquer: ALL SOLD

Colors by Llarowe: ALL SOLD

Colors by Llarowe: ALL SOLD

Colors by Llarowe: ALL SOLD

Colors by Llarowe: ALL SOLD

Colors by Llarowe: ALL SOLD

Cupcake Polish: SOLD, Crazy Mod Love, Look At You Go Go, SOLD

Cupcake Polish: SOLD, SOLD , SOLD

Darling Diva Polish: Unicorn Pee, Mermaid Pee Holo, Dragon Pee Holo, Kelpie Pee Holo, Fairy Pee Holo, Pegasus Pee Holo

Darling Diva Polish: ALL SOLD


Enchanted Polish: Unicorn (no box), SOLD, Charmed (holo stuck to sides), SOLD, Mermaid

Enchanted Polish: July 2016, SOLD, SOLD,SOLD, Sparkling red Wine, SOLD

KBShimmer: SOLD



KBShimmer: SOLD

Lynderella: SOLD

Lynnderella: SOLD

Mixed Brands: SOLD

Mixed Brands: Darling Diva Polish Ophiuchus, SOLD

Mixed Brands: Anonymous Lacquer Over The Bridge Through The Borough,SOLD, SOLD

Moo Moo’s Signatures Cowgirls Broken Time Machine & Chasing Tumbling Tumbleweeds

Picture Polish: SOLD

Picture Polish: SOLD

Picture Polish:SOLD

Picture Polish: Chance, SOLD, SOLD , Mishap, SOLD

Picture Polish: SOLD

Quixotic Polish: SOLD

Tonic Polish: SOLD

Tonic Polish: SOLD

Tonic Polish: SOLD

Tonic Polish: SOLD

Tonic Polish: SOLD

Vapid LacquerL SOLD, SOLD, Persistence, Mermaid Tears, SOLD

Vapid Lacquer: SOLD, Basic Bitch V31, SOLD

Vapid Lacquer, T-Street, Persophone, SOLD, Ishtar, SOLD.

Vapid Lacquer: SOLD, Saraswati, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

Vapid Lacquer, SOLD

Vapid Lacquer: Stressed Out, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

Vapid Lacquer: SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD , Brown Chicken Brown Cow

Vapid Lacquer: SOLD, SOLD, Psilocybin, SOLD, SOLD

Vapid Lacquer: SOLD, SOLD, SOLD , SOLD, SOLD

Vapid Lacquer: SOLD

Vapid Lacquer: SOLD

Updated: Below polishes were added 6/14

Colors by Llarowe: SOLD

Crows Toes: SOLD

Cupcake Polish: SOLD



Dollish Polish: The Childlike Empress, The Boy Warrior, Fantasia, SOLD, SOLD

Enchanted Polish: SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD , SOLD, SOLD

Enchanted Polish: SOLD

Enchanted Polish: SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD


Glam Polish: SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD , SOLD, SOLD , Vampire Breath



Girly Bits: No Label (I really am not sure which one this is) SOLD, SOLD





SOLD, Different Dimension Forever Is Composed of Nows, SOLD

Pahlish: SOLD

Vapid Lacquer: Grape Stomp, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, Balam

Updated 6/14 at 10:30PM PST

Colors by Llarowe:SOLDl, Shroom With A View,SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

Colors by Llarowe: SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD , SOLD

Colors by Llarowe: SOLD , Plum Perfect ( Faded from purple to icy blue), SOLD, LIfe Is A Highway, SOLD

Colors by Llarowe: Miss You My Friend, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

Colors by Llarowe: SOLD, Pretty In Pink, SOLD, SOLD

Colors by Llarowe: Fairy Dust, SOLD, Violet Haze, SOLD

Enchanted Polish: SOLD, To Die For, SOLD, Pinecone, November 2015

Enchanted Polish: Candy Apple, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

Enchanted Polish: SOLD, March 2015, SOLD, SOLD

Enchanted Polish: Autumn, SOLD, Disco H2O, SOLD

Enchanted Polish: Festival, SOLD SOLD SOLD, To Die For

Enchanted Polish: SOLD, SOLD, Daydream, SOLD, SOLD

Great Lakes Lacquer: SOLD

Lilypad Lacquer: Glory, SOLD , SOLD , Future, SOLD , SOLD

Lilypad Lacquers: Dreams Come True, SOLD , SOLD , SOLD , SOLD

Lilypad Lacquers: SOLD , SOLD , Love Me Or Leave Me

Lilypad Lacquer: Sassy, SOLD , Edgy, SOLD, Chic

Lilypad Lacquer: In The Mauve Ment, SOLD, Raindrops on Roses, SOLD

SOLD, SOLD, BLUSH Lacquers Ages of a Day, Different Dimension Fur The Love of Houston, SOLD

Cupcake Polish Strawberry Icing, Cupcake Polish Lemon Icing, SOLD, Girly Bits Chrysalis


SOLD, Chaos & Crocodiles Tropical Candy Flowers, SOLD, SOLD

Several of these do not have labels

Ninja Polish: SOLD