Blog Sale for 2021

by Lisa Heath
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Blog Sale for 2021

All claims need to be emailed to [email protected]


That’s right – I’ll be setting up a new blog sale! Basically, the new house doesn’t have as much storage as our house in California. While it is almost double the size – there are floor heaters, so I can’t just line helmers up like I used to. Since moving last July – I have accumulated about 3500 more polishes.

So, I’m going to be doing fairly regular blog sales. I’m keeping the ones I know I’ll use and destashing ones that I may not use as much – or that I have a duplicate of.

I want to be clear that this sale is in no way an indication that I’m breaking up with a brand or mad at them.

Please be patient with me on responding, I work Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm and cannot respond or invoice on work hours.

Here are the rules:

US Only and must be a verified address.

To claim polishes – email me at [email protected] 
Priority goes by timestamp.

Please include your Paypal Address so I can Invoice
Once I respond to the email with final amount and paypal invoice, you have 24 hours to pay or claimed polishes go to the next person in line.

Shipping starts at $3.50 and will go up by .50 for each additional polish. At 6 polishes it will automatically bump to Small Flat Rate. At 10 polishes it will go to Medium Flat Rate.

Each polish is $8.00 – $12 unless otherwise indicated. I’m not interested in haggling. While I don’t have a ton of space, I do have enough space to hold onto polishes. Some polishes I purchased myself and I may price them higher if I choose to. I typically will not do this for PR items.

I reserve the right to refuse a sale.

I will ship within 3-5 business days of receiving payment. Most likely I’ll ship within 48 hours of receiving payment – however, I do have to sort through a lot to find each polish.

Payment is only to be through Paypal – G&S. I will not do F&F. I also cannot hold polishes. I have a lot going on and my memory can be bad – so I will most likely forget why I’m holding it.

This will be an ongoing post for 2021. Every so often I will update it with more polishes. Please do not contact me for polishes not listed. Most likely if they aren’t here, I have gifted it already, I’m keeping it, or I haven’t unpacked that box just yet.

These are a mixture of PR and personal purchases. Not everything here was PR. Because of that – some polishes are used to swatch on 4-5 nails, some polishes are brand new, never used.

All polishes are from a smoke free and pet free home.

I cannot guarantee thermals still transition and I have too many to determine if they all transition. Base the purchase of a thermal on the photo provided below. I took these photos within days of creating the post so they are the recent state. Since I don’t know if they all transition, assume the color shown is the final shade. If it transitions still – it’s an added bonus. I do keep all polishes in a cool, dark, climate controlled area. Nick likes it cold – so our house and apartment rested at a chilly 65 degrees all year round.

Please Google swatches. I took these photos and some colors do distort and color correcting 1 polish could morph another in the photo – so please look up what you will be purchasing.

Some polishes have no label, handwritten label, or a coded label (some polishes I get aren’t named yet) – I will do my best to say which they are if coded – but no guarantees if I can’t find the info. Some polishes I get are never released, so some shown may be more of a proto the maker never released. Some are from mystery bags from sellers.

No refunds. I requested you look up swatches and I can’t do much more than that. If a polish isn’t what you want, I’m sorry but I cannot refund you. All sales are final.

I think that’s everything.

One last time though – To claim polishes – email me at [email protected]
Priority goes by timestamp.

Please be patient with me. I do work in a busy medical practice and I do not have time to check emails during the day while at work. I will go by time stamps and in order when I invoice.

77 Nail Lacquer | $8 Each

SOLD, Handle with Scare, Who Ghost There?, Hide & Go Shriek, SOLD, Halloween 2020, SOLD

Alchemy Lacquers | $10 Each

SOLD, SOLD, Nevermind

All Mixed Up Lacquers | $8 Each

Fist Full Of Stones, Happy Little Dumpster Fire, I Put A Spell On You, SOLD, Going Ghost

Anchor & Heart Lacquer | $8 Each

A Beautiful Life, Moon Child, SOLD, SOLD, Something Dark and Unnatural, Really Good At Quarantine

McIntosh Nosh, SOLD, Virgo Baby, 11:11

True Heart, SOLD, So Much Sexy Face, Feel for Lumps Save Your Bumps, First Lady of Physics

Atomic Polish | $8 Each



Aurora 5 Free Nail Lacquer | $8 Each

SOLD, DNA Sequins, SOLD, SOLD, The Strongest Stars Have Hears of Kyber, SOLD

Baroness X | $8 Each


Bee’s Knees Lacquer | $15 Each

SOLD, SOLD, There Is No Such Thing, SOLD

Black Dahlia Lacquer | $8 Each

SOLD, Unlabeled, Starman, Blue Jean, SOLD

SOLD, SOLD, Happy Little Trees, NOT FOR SALE, Double Kill

Bluebird Lacquer | $9 Each

You’re So Coo, SOLD

By Dany Vianna | $8 Each

SOLD, To The Revolution, City Of Stars, SOLD

If I were A Rose, Card Captor Sakura, SOLD, Healing Hugs, Tyrael, SOLD

By Vanessa Molina | $9 Each

PacMan Ghost, Imperious Archangel of Valor, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

Moon Prism Power Make Up!, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

Cadillacquer | $10 Each

SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, Peridot Endurance, Chariote Compassion, SOLD

Cameo Colours Lacquers | $8 each

Courage Of The Heart, Purple Reign, Feed Me!, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

Color Spectrum Polish | $7 Each

I’m Flipping Over 2020, Thank You June POTM, S-Sulfur, Every Little Thing Is Gon Be Alright, Romantic Walks On The Beach, The End of Days, Hocus Pocus Take Me To Your Castle

Colores de Carol | $8 each

SOLD, SOLD, Waterfall of the deepest Place, SOLD, PENDING

SOLD, SOLD, Now You See Me Now You Don’t, SOLD, Unlabeled Rose Gold/Copper

Cupcake Polish | $8 Each

SOLD, Margaritas To Go, Granny Square, SOLD, Queening, Can You Dig It, Peace & Love, SOLD, Checkmate

Cuticula | $10 Each

Star-casm, Stroke of Venus, SOLD, Fin-Fetti Cake, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

Dam Nail Polish | $8 Each


Different Dimension | $8 Each

Purrrfect, Everything I Brew I Brew It For You, Steep Dreams, Moody, SOLD, Edgy, Grunge, Punk

SOLD, We Could Be He-Rose, I Lilac You A Lot, Say Aloe To My LIttle Friend, Everything Is A-Bouquet

DRK Nails | $8 Each

SOLD, Luminous, Don’t Lose Ur Head

Esmaltes da Kelly | $9 Each

SOLD, Jelly Pink, City Lights, SOLD, SOLD, Rio de Janeiro


Emily de Molly | $9 Each

Just Like This, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, Feels Pretty Real

Ethereal Lacquer | $15 unless Otherwise Noted

Relax Its Only Magic, SOLD ($25), Sunset Ophidia, Taipan, SOLD ($25), SOLD, SOLD ($25)

NOT FOR SALE, NOT FOR SALE, SOLD ($25), Silver Crystal, Camellia ( $20), Honeybee, NOT FOR SALE

SOLD, Dark Secret, NOT FOR SALE, SOLD ($20), Aquarius ($25), SOLD ($20)

SOLD, Python, Melisseus, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD



SOLD, NOT FOR SALE, SOLD ($25), SOLD ($25), SOLD ($25), SOLD

Fair Maiden Polish | $10 Each

SOLD, Smitten

Girly Bits | $8 Each

Destination Serenity, SOLD, I’ve Missed CN You

Glisten & Glow | $8 Each

Have Faith, Hypnotized by the Peacock Eyes, Serendipity & Synchronicity, SOLD, Make Way For 2021, Polish of the Month January 2021

See The Signs, Ten Plus One & Years of Fun, Always Believe In The Future, The Great Grape Stomp

Great Lakes Lacquer | $10 Each

SOLD, SOLD, The Enabling Sisters, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, Bubble Pop

SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, I Was a Ballerina

Hearts & Promises | $8 Each

Sunset at Big Sur, Spring Forward

Heather’s Hues | $8 Each

Feel It In The Scare, Beauty Is Transient, Secret Getaway, SOLD, Everybody Breaks

Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

Blessed Be The Fruit, The Midnight Society

Indie By Patty Lopes | $8 each

My Little Friend, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

Rainbow At The End of the Storm, The Night Before, SOLD, SOLD

Jen & Berries | $8 Each

Blue Manaken Group, Strange Sightings at Silver Creek, Patina Turner, I Have A Big Apatite, Fall From Grace, Living In Cynder

Jior Couture | $8 Each

I Am Their Fury I Am Their Patience, Care Stare – Eradicate The Hate, Swamped

Kathleen & Co | $8 Each


KBShimmer | $8 Each

SOLD, Light My Fire, SOLD, SOLD, Bugs and Kisses, SOLD, SOLD

Foreseeable Fuchsia, SOLD, Fully Booked, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD



SOLD, In The Mood, Much Lava To You, SOLD, Shamash Hit, SOLD

Bearly Awake, How’s It Growing, SOLD, SOLD, Stay Cozy, Baking Spirits Bright, Sip Back and Relax, SOLD

Lemming Lacquer | $8 Each

The World Deserves Pony Head, Just Dumb Enough to Never Give Up, Giant’s Causeway at Sunset, SOLD, SOLD

Dyspheria, Specters Bargain, Steppin on Leprechauns, Godarts Morpha Butterfly, Nightmares Gloom, SOLD


SOLD, Sold, Electric Feel, Wreak Recimination Upon Our Foes

Lollipop Posse Lacquer | $9 Each

SOLD, All Doors Are Open, Wooden Stake Sale, Let Me Hold It Lightly, Heat Couldn’t Melt Me, Puncha Yo Buns, SOLD

SOLD, I Find You Acceptable, The Divergence, Colorful Dust That Sparkles, SOLD

SOLD, SOLD, The Tulgey Wood, The Speed Out There, SOLD

Lucky 13 Lacquer | $8.00 Each

There And Back Again, The Suspense Is Terrible, You’re So Beautiful When You Hate The World

LynBDesigns | $8 Each

SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, Queen Succubus, Ghost Frequency, Was That Place… The Sun?

Rainbow Road, Peep Show, So Operatic, Princess Consuela Banana Hammock, What A Dinosaur Would Do, Tata For Now

We Were On A Break, In A Van Down By The River, SOLD, Red Jaime, Strut Your Stuff, SOLD, All Work and No Play

MLF Lacquer | $8 Each

That’s All Folks, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, Trick Or Treat, Red Rock

Moon Shine Mani | $8 Each

Never Give Up Keep Trying, SOLD

MTK Designs | $8 Each

Express This, SOLD, Great Ideya, SOLD, Seriously Disgruntled Avian, Heart Of Spring, All The Hype

My Indie Polish | $8 Each

Maybe It Was Aliens Unlabeled, Maybe It was Aliens Labeled, Sept PPU, Halloween 2020, SOLD

SOLD, Half Past Fall, Sold, Sold

Nail Hoot | $8 Each

Tweety Pie, SOLD, Keep Calm and Fight On, SOLD, Best Nails, SOLD, Owl-itude, Attack of the Holographic Bats

Night Owl Lacquer | $9 Each

I’m Checkin You Out, Just So Long As We Have We, Of A Feather, Blood of a Wendigo, Volcano Man, Heart of a Witch

Serenity, Yellow Metallic Holo, Red Metallic Holo, Movie Marathon, Orange Metallic Holo, Bone of a Goblin, Write Your Own , Holiday Who-be What-EE

Wait For Iiiiiiit, Doing Nothing, SOLD,SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

SOLD, Cmon Son, SOLD, I’ve Heard It Both Ways, Cozy Fire, SOLD

Noodles Nail Polish | $8 Each

Night Fury, SOLD, Its A Nice Day For A Covid Wedding, SOLD, SOLD