Baroness X | Spell Collection

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of the Baroness X
Spell Collection

Happy super late Sunday/early Monday to all. I have the Baroness X Spell Collection to share with you and it’s a lot of photos tonight.

I had wanted to push this post out earlier in the week, but to be honest – it was a long work week. Not that it was insanely hard, but I am still in training in a sense and a lot of people were under the weather all week – so I was alone in the office a few times. People were available through chat if I had questions, but it was still nerve wracking enough that my brain felt like jello when I got home. A few days I came home and just … sat here and organized. Some days I swatched – but overall I couldn’t get my ish together enough to actually type up a post.

It is what it is.

However – Nick and I have officially started the great house hunt. We moved out here last July and after apartment living for 6 months, we’re starting the search for our next home purchase.

Anyways – onto the Baroness X Spell Collection release! I have 4 of the polishes releasing to share with you. These are “true iridescent” polishes and a clear based magnetic topper. There are also 3 fluid art true iridescents coming too, but I will not be showing those because time would not have been on my side with the set I did receive.

First things first, my middle finger nail looks off. I know this. The cuticle around it in some photos looks angry. That’s cause it is. The Winter up here hasn’t been nice to my nail and I am still finding the right routine for the freezing weather. So that nail has a combo of clear dip and gel top coat to keep it holding on for dear life. As for the cuticle, I have to shape the nail and the buffer rubbed against the skin and… well you know the rest.

Anyways, that answers that. Moving on – I will be showing all 3 True Iridescent shades a few ways. First they will be on their own, over bare nail. Then over a white creme, then black creme, then a skittle mani that will go:

Index: Zoya Harbor (sea greenish)
Middle: Night Owl Lacquer Bruised Not Broken (cool toned purple)
Ring: Tonic Sailor Undies (deep navy blue)
Pinky: Nvr Enuff Stars be Trippin’ (red)

I included the photo so you can see the starting point before I add toppers.

For the magnetic – I simply did it over black and over the skittle mani. I did take photos over white, but not a single photos came out not blurry – so those were removed.

Okay – are we ready? Yes? Yes. Okay let’s do it. Remember – the iridescent shades will also have fluid art versions releasing too.

Baroness X | Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball is an iridescent shimmer that shifts from a gold to peach to pink with some green at the edges over bare nail. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat over bare nail, and it reached opacity.

I did 1 coat over the variety of cremes, and the deeper shades brought out more of the blue and green – which the blue isn’t visible on bare nail or even really over white.

Baroness X | Hex

Hex is actually my favorite of the 3 iridescent shades. It’s also the sheerest, so for me it feels like the topper options work better. The others work too – but because it appears sheerer it does give more options, and it just seemed a little more glowy to me.

Over bare nail we get a nice pinky violet to pink to peach to gold and a little green at the edges. I used 3 thin coats this way, and did reach opacity – however, if you have a strong VNL, you may still see the nail edge.

Over black this has a nice violet to copper to gold to green.

Over white this was harder to see unless the lighting was just right and I don’t feel like I achieved that for photos. You do still get a nice glow though.

As I said – overall, this is my top pick and I feel it shines the best over a variety of colors as well as on it’s own.

Baroness X | Incantation

Incantation is a golden green to green to blue with some pink at the edges over bare nail, which I did use 3 coats.

Over black, this is a spring green to blue to violet at the edges.

Over white it shows more of a pink to copper to gold.

As far as opacity goes, this one is in between Crystal Ball and Hex.

Baroness X | Scrying Mirror (Magnetic)

Now that I’ve done all the swatching and I’m typing this up… I’m realizing I probably should have shown it unmagnetized. Oops.

Scrying Mirror is a clear based silver magnetic topper with holographic microflakes mixed in. Because it has a clear base this can be used over virtually any color or type of polish you would like to. I used a fairly standard neodymium bar magnet and waited about 5 minutes after magnetizing. Why did I wait? Well it gives the particles time to disperse a little since it’s rare that the perfect crisp line remains.

Plus it looks more galaxy like this way.

I used 1 coat of Scrying Mirror over creme bases for all photos shown.

Baroness X | Spell Collection

My thoughts on these initially are that I love them. I love iridescent polishes and magnetic toppers.

However. I like them best on their own. That’s pure personal preference. I love the glow, the ethereal look to it and it just looks nicer to me and on me. When it comes to layering, I preferred Hex and Incantation to layer, but I do feel like Crystal Ball is almost too opaque for layering, especially over darker shades. Again, thats preference, but it might also be that I am heavy handed when layering, so more opaque shades don’t layer as nicely for me.

If you bought or plan to buy the Demi Flux DIY jewelry kits though – these polishes are AMAZING for them. I bought a kit through Polish Pickup and I used these polishes on all of the jewelry (except 1 pendant) and they look incredible.

Again – the 3 iridescent shades will also have fluid art versions coming out – so if that’s more your thing – YAY! Otherwise, read the listings so you don’t buy the wrong type.

Or just buy them all so you can’t go wrong.

Price: $12.00 – $13.00 Each | $44.00 for all 4

Release Date: January 11th, 2021

Where To Buy: Baroness X Shop

Baroness X Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

I believe the DIY Jewelry Kits for Demi Flux (I bet that’s 1 word and I’m mucking it up) will also be available at the same time, so be sure to poke around.

With that, I am off to bed! Hope you enjoyed and have a great rest of your night.

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