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by Lisa Heath

Press Samples of Baroness X | GalaXy Glitters

I had hoped to have this up a few days ago but life throws a lot of curve balls. I left work early a couple hours ago and my step dad is currently in surgery, and it was unexpected and a fairly complicated surgery. I’m not totally in a great place mentally right now – so I’m trying to keep busy while I wait. The surgery should be 4-5 hours long and it’s just a waiting game. I spoke to him this morning on the phone since we can’t see him in the hospital and … it’s been a hard morning/afternoon.

Since I can’t do much else – I’ll be attempting to type up a storm and keep busy until I get word on the results of the surgery.

First up today we’re looking at the Baroness X GalaXy Glitters.

The GalaXy Glitters come in 6 varieties. The Jupiter Moons glitters are iridescent, sheer glitters, so they will look different based on the color you put them over.  The Neptune Moon’s are opaque microglitters and they would look best over deeper colors. For consistency’s sake – I did all 6 over black creme.

These are glitters, so when top coating – you will most likely need 2 coats of top coat. They can be thirsty, so either 2 coats of top coat, or if you have glitter smoothing toppers – which would still require 2 layers – it’s up to you.

I did all of these swatches with the assistance of a clear stamping head. I personally just like the ease of doing it this way. I basically take the applicator that comes with the glitters and burnish them over the stamper, then stamp it on top of my nails.

The steps I took for each set of photos was the following:

Base Coat
1 coat of Black Creme (I used Girly Bits ‘It’s Definitely Him’)
1 thin coat of Baroness X Bind & Burnish Base Coat (this helps the glitters ‘stick’)
1-2 coats of top coat. In some photos I only did 1, and you can see how thirsty they can be.

To make cleanup easier – I also used Baroness X Dirty Delete to protect my cuticles.

Let’s take a look.

Baroness X | Callisto

Callisto is one of the small, iridescent glitters that shift pink to yellow to green. They vary slightly depending on what base color you pick. I did 1 layer over a black creme.

Baroness X | Europa

Europa is another iridescent glitter that shifts green to blue to indigo. I used 1 layer over a black creme.

This one I actually used the applicator to apply and as I mentioned above, I prefer the look when using a stamping head.

Baroness X | Io

Io is the final of the iridescent glitters – and this one shifts orange to yellow to green. It’s my favorite of the Jupiter Moon glitters. I used 1 layer of glitter over a black creme.

Baroness X | Proteus

Proteus shifts blue to magenta to red and it’s part of the Neptune Moons set. These are microglitters and are smaller than the iridescent selection of glitters. I did 1 layer of Proteus over a black creme.

Baroness X | Galatea

Galatea shifts teal to blue to purple and is also a microglitter mix. This is my favorite of the Neptune Moons glitters. I used 1 layer of glitter over a black creme.

Baroness X | Triton

Triton shifts from gold to green to sky blue. I used 1 layer of glitter over a black creme for these photos.

Baroness X | GalaXy Glitters

Glitters are fun to play with and these were definitely easy to do – but cleanup was required after the first 2 swatches. While I found the Jupiter Moon glitters to cause less of a mess, I personally love the size and overall look of the Neptune Moon glitters. If you are only doing 1 mani at a time though – there is considerably less glitter. I think the apply, remove, apply again caused it to look messier than it really was – but the overall look was worth all the cleanup.

As I mentioned – these can be thirsty glitters – so you will most likely need 2 coats of top coat OR invest in a snazzy glitter topper to smooth. I personally found that 2 coats of top coat worked fine – I do however have both types of toppers for these.

Price: $6.00 for a .3g Jar | $10.00 for a Kit (includes powder/glitter/flakes – your choice + small bottle of Bind & Burnish)

Where To Buy: Baroness X Shop

Baroness X Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Here are links to other products I used from Baroness X:

Dirty Delete
Bind & Burnish
Liquid Crystal Quick Dry Top Coat

Hope you enjoyed. I’m about to crop the photos for the Stargazer GalaXy Glints, so those will be up by tomorrow.

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