April 2016 Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Destination Duo

by Lisa Heath

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In just a few short minutes the April 2016 Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Destination Duo will be launching, and this month Superficially Colorful joins her!

Destination Duo With Superficially Colorful

Inspiration for this lovely duo came from the photo below

Morocco Experience

This duo is called the “Morocco Experience” and it’s a good one! Jin Jit of Superficially Colorful took this photo while in Morocco, and the polishes match the inspiration so incredibly well!

Let’s see the fabulous shades that were created based on the above photo!

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer – Marrakesh’s Colorful Mirage

Marrakesh's Colorful Mirage

Marrakesh’s Colorful Mirage is a clear base polish packed with gold holographic microglitters, gold shimmers, green micro-flakies, and accents of navy, red, green, orange, and yellow holographic microglitters.Because of all the microglitter action, you will need 1-2 coats of top coat for a completely smooth finish. Shown is 2 coats of Marrakesh’s Colorful Mirage and 1 coat of Girly Bits Glitter Glaze.

Marrakesh's Colorful Mirage Macro

Marrakesh's Colorful Mirage Front

Marrakesh's Colorful Mirage Up

Superficially Colorful – Squashing Water

Squashing Water

You don’t really expect a polish with “water” in the name to be red – so here’s what Jin told me about the photo and her shade:

It’s a sort of irony because the photo that inspired our duo is of the water seller in Morocco. His traditional occupation was in fact selling water to the walkers in the desert. So he was in fact
Marrakesh’s Colorful Mirage – except he was real and not a dream, and offered real cold water and shade.

Today however, they only pose for photographers. No one buy their water. So here’s where I took my name from,  and together Julie and me are kind of closing a circle!

Squashing Water is a warm red base polish packed with gold holographic microglitters, gold shimmers and red and gold micro-flakies. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Squashing Water Macro

Squashing Water Front

Squashing Water Up

Destination Duo With Superficially Colorful

As shown in the photo above, you will also receive a mani bomb from Superficially Colorful!

Natural handmade mani fizzy with luxurious cocoa butter to keep your skin moisturized and soft. Organic virgin Avocado oil adds both to the light green color and the luxurious feel. Scented with Moroccan Sweet Mint, to wrap the Moroccan colors experience.

I took this photo… then used the mani bomb before getting a photo of it… and it was incredible.

April 2016 Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Destination Duo

Destination Duo

I absolutely love Jin, so I was excited to see this Destination Duo pairing! The colors are perfect for the inspiration, and whenI think “Morocco” I definitely think of red and gold – so beautifully done!

Price: $20.00

Where To Buy:  Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Shop

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