Alter Ego Nail Enamels EgoMANia Men’s Fragrance Review

by Nick Mariano

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Nick is the man behind my blog. He is the one in the background making sure everything runs smoothly, everything is up to date and if there is a blip – he will get up at 2am to fix it (and has before so I know this for a fact). From time to time he also reviews men’s items on my blog as well, and today is one of those days. Alter Ego Body Care Products sent him 3 fragrances from their new EgoMANia line. You can also check out the review on Nick’s blog, Separate Opinion.

Now, onto his review:

Today I am reviewing a new men’s scent line from Alter Ego Enamels called egoMANia. I received 3 new scents to try: Sharp Dressed Man, Woodworker, and Magic Man.

I’m going to start off with the packaging and bottles of the Alter Ego Enamel egoMANia scents. All 3 bottles I received hold 4oz of fragrance. A 2.5oz version will also be available if you want to try a few or if you want a travel version. The bottles are an aluminum like metal and looks a lot better than a plastic alternative. One of the bottles did arrive slightly dented during the shipping process. I mentioned this directly to Cynthia, the creator of these scents and she is working on a new shipping solution to prevent this. The bottles at a first glance don’t look like your typical masculine type product, but more a of a neutral looking style.

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The strength of all 3 scents are right where I would want them to be for this type of product. They aren’t strong enough to be noticed if you are sitting across from someone, but up close you can start to actually smell the product. This makes it perfect for work environments where strong fragrances are usually frowned upon. 1 or 2 sprays is all you need for all 3 of these scents.

Let’s dive right into what I thought of each one. As a disclaimer, scents are a personal choice. What I may like or not like may be perfect for someone else.


Sharp Dressed Man

Sharp Dressed Man

First up is Sharp Dressed Man by Alter Ego Nail Enamels. Sharp Dressed Man is described as being reminiscent of the old style gentlemen’s club, smoky, leathery, musky. This one was my least favorite of the 3. The best way to describe it is an “old spice” type stick deodorant. If you think of the typical men’s deodorant smell, this is exactly what initially hit me. I’m generally not a fan of this, but as I said above it may be perfect for some. This would be good for a quick touch up after hitting the gym or working outside.


Wood Worker

Let me start off by saying Woodworker by Alter Ego Nail Enamels is very well done for what it is. It is described as a cedar, woodsy scent with a touch of pine and lavender. This description fits it perfectly and you can really tell it’s the woodsy type. I’m not a fan of this type of scent either, but it is well done and I can see this being popular for those who are interested in this type of scent. The scent gets a lot better once it dries after a few seconds, the initial spray can be slightly overwhelming, but settles once dry.

Magic Man

Magic Man

Last up is Magic Man by Alter Ego Nail Enamels. This scent is described as a woodsy, smoky, musky scent as well. Magic Man is an interesting scent and is the most wearable of the 3 for me. This could definitely pass for an every day or anytime scent. This to me has the scent of an old time fragrance for men. This is the type of scent you would most likely come across from the days “Mad Men” was set in. This is my favorite of the 3 and I could see myself wearing it from time to time.

All 3 of the scents in the egoMANia line by Alter Ego Nail Enamels fades quickly throughout the day. If you are looking to have it last all day, you may need an extra spray half way through. Up close you can still get a hint of it, but it would be masked fairly quickly throughout the day without the extra spray.


  • 2.5oz – $3.75
  • 4oz – $7.50
  • 2.5oz 3 pack – $9.00 (mix & match other scents)

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Overall if someone was looking to try something new, I could recommend Woodworker and Magic Man by Alter Ego Nail Enamels. I’m not sure Sharp Dressed Man is something I would recommend. Longevity is not great, but not worse than most scents on the market. I don’t see any of these 3 replacing my current go to cologne/fragrances, but I can see them fitting perfectly for others.

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