365 Days of Color Whipped Hand Cream Review

by Lisa Heath

365 Days of Color Whipped Hand Cream Review

I am a HUGE hand cream junkie!  I love hand creams and body lotions, so when Sunny from 365 Days of Color announced a couple months ago that she was messing with recipes for a whipped hand cream I got really excited.  I already use the 365 Days of Color cuticle oil and miracle balm religiously (and my coworkers have borrowed mine and loved it so much they bought their own!) so I couldn’t wait for the hand cream!

I received a sample of Pina Colada scented hand cream about a month ago and it goes with me EVERYWHERE.  My coworkers come up at work to borrow some, one coworker and one of my bosses even put in their own order to get some!   I really love this stuff!   As you can see, the ingredients are clearly printed on the top label.  Shea butter, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, Tapioca Powder and Fragrance Oil.  Very simple!

The feel of Sunny’s Hand Cream was nothing like what I was use to.  You ONLY need a tiny bit, if you over do it you will feel greasy.  I literally only need to dip the pad of my pointer finger into the hand cream and that’s plenty to cover both hands.  This hand cream melts into the skin and has a very fine gold shimmer (not like stripper glitter … it’s so subtle its barely noticeable).  Here is a picture of how much I actually use with each application (and it’s plenty!)

I dip the pad of my pointer finger into the hand cream, wipe it on the back of my left hand and then use both hands to rub it all in.  No greasy feel this way and it leaves my hands feeling soft.  It feels like a light oil at first but then gives way to a soft liquid to powder type feel.   A little really goes a long way and I cannot stress that enough!  This will last awhile because of this and the tub really wasn’t too big (I was sent a sampler).

The scent of this hand cream was heavenly!  I received Pina Colada and the scent was rich and made me want to keep smelling my hands!  If Pina Colada isn’t your thing, Sunny has 31 different scents to choose from with more added on a regular basis!   I enjoyed this sample so much I already placed an order (and received it!) for more!

I purchased Pink Sugar (my absolute favorite!!), Eden’s Garden, Candy Cane and Jasmine.   My coworker put in an order for 3 of her own AND my boss bought his own 4oz tub as well!

Like most skin products, this may not be for everyone.  For me this is perfect.  I don’t have seriously dry hands but I still need some moisture and the 365 Days of Color Hand Cream leaves my hands soft without the slick goopy feeling that some lotions leave behind.   I did make the mistake in the beginning of treating it like a normal lotion I would buy at the store by just plopping a lot on and rubbing it in.. but you can’t do that with this one!  Once I figured out the right amount for my skin, it was perfect!

You can find Sunny’s Hand Cream in her shop HERE along with her selection of cuticle oils and miracle balms!

2oz containers retail for $4.00

4oz containers retail for $8.00

I personally love Pink Sugar, Jasmine and Pina Colada from the scents I have tried!

***Pina Colada Hand Cream was sent for review, the rest I purchased.  All opinions are my own***

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Cara (Fox Claws) January 12, 2013 - 11:19 pm

I seriously lol’d at the “Not like stripper glitter” comment. I bought a ‘shimmer’ lotion once and looked like a fish. I can’t wait to try Sunny’s Hand Cream because I too am a big fan of her miracle balm! Definitely going to pick up Pink Sugar :)

Lisa January 12, 2013 - 11:23 pm

LOL! I stopped buying lotions that advertised shimmer a long time ago because I usually looked like I just finished the night shift or a 30 year old who still wanted to be 15. Not my thing!

Allison January 13, 2013 - 3:27 am

Thank You for this review :-) I use her cuticle oil and balm all the time, also! I am soo excited, now, to try this. I will definitely head over there and put in an order, right away!
I love her products, due to them being soo natural! 365 Days of Color, Rocks!!!

Lisa January 13, 2013 - 2:18 pm

She has a wonderful assortment of goodies! Let me know what scents you end up ordering!

cynthia decker January 13, 2013 - 6:58 am

I just placed a order for the men’s balm for my hubby based on your review! I would have let the seller know but there was not a place to leave a note. Please tell the seller I am so happy to see some men’s fragrances, I hope he likes it:)

Lisa January 13, 2013 - 2:18 pm

I will be sure to let Sunny know! I know her men’s line is a few months old, but I think it’s a wonderful addition considering how many men are snagging our goodies!


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