365 Days of Color- Sunny’s Cuticle Oil Review

by Lisa Heath

365 Days of Color- Sunny’s Cuticle Oil Review

The lovely lady behind 365 Days of Color has expanded once again!  First it was polish, then she added on Miracle Balm, and most recently Sunny’s Cuticle Oil in roller ball containers.  When I saw the cute little roller ball cuticle oils I HAD to buy some!

I was ready for some high prices, but to my surprise, they weren’t all that much!  Only $4.00 for a 10ml roller ball bottle OR for $6.00 you can get the “Sampler Trio” which consists of 3  5ml bottles.  I decided to go with the trio and I was shocked when it showed up because I didn’t expect the containers to be as big as they are (this is in a good way of course).  If you can’t decide on a scent, the samplers are definitely the way to go!

I picked out Green Apple, Gummy Bears and … Monkey Farts.

Green Apple is a very crisp apple smell.

Gummy Bears is pretty easy to figure out!  Smells like the yummy gummy treats!

Monkey Farts… I’m going to use Sunny’s exact description for this.  “A Tropical Explosion with a top note of Banana”.  Monkey Farts is actually my favorite of the 3, and not just because of the name!

Here’s a photo for those curious about the “roller ball”:

Sunny’s Cuticle Oils are a mix of Sunny’s favorite oils – a special mix of jojoba, sweet almond, and avocado..and her own secret ingredient. Application is typical to any roller ball application, roll it on, let sit for a minute or two and then gently massage the oil in.  Usually I do this and my fingers retain the oily look for awhile until I wipe my fingers with a cloth.  Sunny’s Cuticle Oil soaks in within a minute of application and leaves my cuticles soft and beautiful!  Perfect for cuticle care at work and on the go!

Not a big fan of oils?  No worries!  365 Days of Color also carries Miracle Balms in cute, sturdy little containers!  Same amazing ingredients as the oils, but with shea butter added!  Prices for Miracle Balm are $5.00 for a trio sampler set, or $3.00 for individual balms.

Check out 365 Days Of Color HERE for scent lists (she has the listings broken up into categories for easier viewing! The categories are “Seasonal/Other”, “Food Related Scents”, “Fruity Scents” and “Floral and Woody Scents”.)


Sunny’s Cuticle Oil – $4.00 for 10ml Roller Ball

Sunny’s Cuticle Oil Sampler – $6.00 for 3 5ml Roller Balls

Sunny’s Miracle Balm – $3.00 for a .5 oz container

Sunny’s Miracle Balm Sampler – $5.00 for 3 .25oz containers

Do you plan on grabbing any of these?  I already have a second list ready to go!

 ***Products in this post were purchased by me.  All opinions are my own***

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Jess September 11, 2012 - 1:03 pm

I cannot WAIT for mine to come in! i have a feeling I’m going to have a hoarding problem with these and want to purchase every single scent! Sunny rocks!

Lisa September 11, 2012 - 1:06 pm

YES!! Thank goodness the trio’s are available! I have a list of scents I want!

Kelly Green September 11, 2012 - 1:43 pm

I just got Zombie Punch… I also have 3 zombie punch miracle balms (1 for home, office and purse! haha). If you havent smelled Zombie Punch, add it to your list because I am seriously obsessed with it. It smells soooooo good! I brought it to work and immediately my 3 female coworkers order one for themselves!

I want monkey farts and butt naked too!

Lisa September 11, 2012 - 2:10 pm

Zombie Punch is on my list! I have a list of 22 scents I still want!!


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