Vapid Lacquer D.A.B.

by Lisa Heath
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Vapid Lacquer D.A.B.

Press Sample of Vapid Lacquer

It’s that time of year – a new Vapid Lacquer super Limited Edition shade is about to drop! You all remember (and went crazy for) Ride or Die. You couldn’t wait to get your hands on Cyber Punk…. but now we have D.A.B.!

Okay so the run down. Vapid Lacquer D.A.B. (Down Ass Bitch) is a soldier, and every Ride or Die chick has one. A best friend, a partner in crime. Someone that will always be there for a shoulder, a laugh or a shovel.

Vapid Lacquer’s next installment of their heavy handed saturated linear holographic shades… D.A.B.!

This shade is going to be preorder for ONE week only. From June 15th to June 22nd (time to be announced) everyone has the opportunity to purchase up to 3 bottles each of D.A.B. Buy one or buy 3… it’s up to you. After the preorder ends on June 22nd there will be a turn around time of 4-6 weeks to receive your new prized polish (or polishes!)

This shade will NOT be rereleased. This 1 week window is the only time it will be offered.

Ready to take a look?

Vapid Lacquer D.A.B.

Vapid Lacquer D.A.B. is a purple to magenta to gold shifting multichrome ultra linear holographic. The holo on this is INSANE! My light set up is more for color accuracy and not necessarily for special effects… and I’m even picking up the intense holo (but it’s actually more holo in person!)

I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

No flash was used for any of these photos – but for some of the super intense holo ones I only used 1 of my lights to show off the linear holo.

Vapid Lacquer D.A.B.

Okay we’ll do a rundown of how this works out! Again, this shade will be treated like Ride or Die and Cyber Punk! D.A.B. will be available for preorder for ONE WEEK ONLY. After the preorder window closes, it’s done. There is a limit of 3 bottles per person.  After preorder ends on June 22nd, it will have a 4-6 week turn around time.

Just so everyone knows, there WILL BE another Vapid release for June on June 23rd, so this won’t be it for the month.

Price: TBA. As usual, Krys will make an announcement with more release info soon in the Vapicorns Facebook Group so keep an eye out there for it.

Preorder Dates: June 15th (time TBA) through June 22nd (these will not run out, so you just need to order within that week)

Turn Around Time: 4-6 weeks after the Preorder Ends

Where To Buy: Vapid Lacquer Shop 

Vapid Lacquer Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Will you be picking this up?

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