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No Gel Girly Bits Holochrome Powder Tutorial

Purchased by Me | Affiliate Links This morning I posted some photos of Girly Bits Holochrome powder, which I did without the use of gel polish. I’ve actually had a few of the powders in my possession for awhile but I’m not very good with gel and honestly don’t like using it.  I did a little trial and error and finally found a method that worked for me. So here is my no gel Girly Bits Holochrome Powder tutorial! First we’ll take a look at everything I used for the no gel method. I’ll go through step by step on how I did this. When I redid it tonight, it took me about 30 minutes total (most of it being dry time between coats) which I didn’t find to be too bad. My application can still use some work, but overall it’s not horrible. Because gel isn’t needed for this, normal…