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It’s that time of year again! I have this years assortment of the Salon Perfect Neon POP Summer 2017 Collection to share with you!

Altogether the Salon Perfect Neon Pop collection consists of 27 shades. Over the years (I think this is my 4th or 5th year sharing these shades?) I have had the chance to show a lot of the shades available. Some of these shades I have shown before, and some are new to me, and if I remember correctly – 6 of the shades I’m about to share are brand new to the high voltage neon lineup!

If you want to see more, you can check out my previous Salon Perfect Neon POP shades.

For all of these swatches I will be showing these shades on their own, no base color. If you wish, you can use Salon Perfect Sugar Cube, or another white creme, to give these shades a brighter pop of color. I personally prefer them on their own though.

Because of the brightness of some of these, I had to mess with my camera exposure to attempt to get a color accurate shot. Due to messing with the exposure, my skin color is kind of all over the place. If there are any color discrepancies I will mention them in the shade description.

Ready to take a look?

Orange County Cruisin

Orange County Cruisin is a neon peach creme. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Because this shade has a pastel like formula (it’s neon, but has a pastel neon look) the first coat was a little patchy. It evened out with a second coat and top coat.

This shade also looks close to Flamingo Flair (you’ll see it in a bit) but it’s actually the lighter of the 2 shades by a bit.

But First, Brunch

But First, Brunch is a neon orange toned red jelly base with gold microglitters mixed in.  I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

You may need 2 coats of top coat for a completely smooth finish.

This shade is a touch redder in person.

Mood Ring

Mood Ring is a vibrant red toned violet creme. The consistency was a little on the thin side, but I was able to reach full opacity in 3 thin coats.

Prim & Purple

Prim & Purple is a gorgeous medium lavender base laced with blue shimmer. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Tropical Hideaway

Tropical Hideaway is a neon highlighter green. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

This has an almost crelly like consistency.

Life Is Blue-tiful

Life Is Blue-tiful is a bright blue creme. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Traffic Cone

Traffic Cone is a neon orange that dries down to a matte finish. This shade has been on my blog a few times now.

I used 2 coats and no top coat for these photos.

Flamingo Flair

Flamingo Flair is a slightly darker and pinker shade than Orange County Cruisin. This one is a bit pinker in person than my camera would pick up. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Oh Snap!

Oh Snap! is a neon rose pink that dries down to a matte finish. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

There were some self leveling issues with this shade. This is also pinker in person.

Back To The Fuchsia

Back To The Fuchsia is a neon fuchsia with a vibrant pink shimmer that dries down to a matte finish. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

My bottle actually had some lumps in it. I was able to brush them off the nail, but hopefully it was an isolated issue with my bottle.

Haute Pink

Haute Pink is a neon coral pink creme. It’s slightly pinker in person. I used 3 thin coats and no top coat for these photos.

Gone Sailing

Gone Sailing is a bright sea green with shimmer. It dries down to a satin finish. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Gone Sailing is a deeper shade in person with a slight blue tinge. Of all the shades in this collection, this one was the most difficult to capture.

Salon Perfect Neon POP Summer 2017 Collection Overview

Another year, another Salon Perfect Neon Pop offering! Overall, application wasn’t too bad. A few shades gave some minor issues, but nothing that would turn me off from using them again.

This is just 12 of the 27 shades available from the Salon Perfect Neon POP! collection that is exclusive to Walmart.

You can check out Salon Perfect’s Summer 2016 Neon POP! releases HERE, Summer 2015 Neon POP! releases HERE and Summer 2014 Neon POP! releases HERE

Price: $3.98 Each

Where To Buy: Walmart (These are exclusive to Walmart!)

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

I also just received some neutral shades from Salon Perfect as well, so we’ll see those on the blog soon!

What do you think? Will you be picking up any of these shades?


I’m Lisa, a 36 year old mother of one energetic little boy. I live right outside of San Francisco with my son and my boyfriend. I work full time in an accounting office during the day and as a beauty blogger at night.


  1. I love discovering new polishes for my nails. This brand looks great on your nails. If I had to choose a go-to shade, I would jump all over But first Brunch. It is a coral shade with sparkles. It would make my day to see them every day.

  2. I need to show this to my wife. She loves bright, poppy colors like that. I thin she’d get a kick out of all of these.

  3. Wow I was initial going to say I have to have the mint and blue color but after looking at them all close up I want ALL OF THEM! I love the shades, the tones, even the texture of them! Seriously I am not a nail polish girl and I am IN LOVE!

  4. I am loving these colors—especially all of the pinks! I normally don’t go for greens, but the green with a hint of glitter in it is great! I need to get some new fun colors for summer!

  5. These colors are gorgeous and beyond perfect for summer! I would wear them all but Flamingo Flair is my favorite of the bunch.

  6. So many fun shades for summer! I am gravitating towards those orange ones, will have to look out for them.

  7. Absolutely love these colours! They are so bright and perfect so summer! Really love the Oh Snap! It has to be my favourite!

  8. Those nail colors are absolutely AMAZING. I don’t know which one is my favorite…probably the orange and magenta. The more colorful the better for summer vibes!

  9. All of those colors are gorgeous and just the right amount of pop and color for summer! I’d totally wear them all.

  10. All of these colors are just gorgeous!! I wish I could paint my nails and have them look that good!!

  11. Rebecca Swenor Reply

    These are all really awesome colors indeed. I love the neon colors with the shimmer mixed in like the neon orange toned red jelly base with gold microglitters. This one is one I am going to have to get for sure. Thanks for sharing these awesome neon colors.

  12. These are all gorgeous colors. I need to try to up my colors this summer. I’d normally grab pink but seeing all of these colors on makes me realize that I need more colors. That blue is popping.

  13. Those are fun colors! I have wanted to try something along the lines of a lavender or lilac color. These colors would be fun to have, especially for my two girls!

  14. Wow that really is a full rainbow of colors for nail polish. Nice way to stand out from the crowd.

  15. These colors are beautiful! Perfect summer color palette! I love the pinks and greens! I like to change my colors every few weeks and these are great to have on hand!

  16. Jacqui Odell Reply

    I love the orange!! It’s so bright and beautiful. Perfect for the summer.

  17. Jennifer G Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all those colours! They are just perfect for summer. they really do POP like crazy.

  18. Wow, these colors are beautiful! These are definitely great colors for summer. I just love the light green colored one.

  19. OMG these colors are stunning! “Oh Snap!” is my favorite! I love these for summer, they’re so bright and so fun. I can’t wait to check these out for my next mani! Love them!

  20. Karlyn Cruz Reply

    The colors are interesting and every color has it’s own beauty! I love the neon but would love to try all of it!

  21. Everyone’s all about the bright colors this season and I can’t blame them! I love that we can wear more colors during the summer! It’s just so lovely and fun.

  22. Wow! What a collection! They are all beautiful colors but I love the Flamingo Flair most of all. Excited to try it soon!

  23. I love these nail polish shades, because they’re so fun and vibrant – perfect for the summertime! My favorite shade is the lime green. :)

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