May 2014 What’s In-die Box Reveal, Swatches & Review

by Lisa Heath


I have a new-to-me indie sub box to share with you tonight! While this box is new to me, this is actually the very first Indie Polish Box that came onto the market (worldwide)! It came in perfect timing too, as I just recently started watching True Blood (I’m on season 2 now) and the May What’s In-die Box was True Blood themed!

Each box will contain 5  Australian Indie Polishes that will exclusive to each and every box, so unfortunately if you see one you adore, it’s only available in the box!

While this box is no longer available since it was for last month, the June box has an awesome surprise for 10 lucky people who purchase it!  June marks the 1 year anniversary of What’s In-die Box and will be an all holo themed box, and each creator is making 2 OOAK (one of a kind) polishes (10 in total) that will be put into 10 random customer’s boxes as our gift. 

Let’s take a look at what May’s box had to offer!

All Flavour No Bite by Peita’s Polish

All Flavour No Bite

All Flavour No Bite is a blood red jelly with a touch of holo and sparkle.  While it is a jelly base, it has incredibly pigmentation to it and I only needed 2 coats for these photos and a glossy top coat.

All Flavour No Bite  side

All Flavour No Bite CU

Sookie by Femme Fatale


Sookie contains gold and iridescent red flakes, sparkling copper and red shimmer in an ivory base. It’s on the sheerer side and is meant to be layered, but I like showing polishes in their true form – and it only took 3 coats for these photos.  I actually like it on its own!

Sookie Side

Sookie CU

Eric In Chains by Dead Set Babes

Eric In Chains

Eric In Chains is a silver foil holographic polish with rainbow micro shimmer.  I used 2 coats for these photos.

Eric In Chains side

Eric In Chains CU

Eric In Chains AL

Eric In Chains AL CU

Eric In Chains also came with a set of decals which are juicy red lips with fangs!

Eric In Chains with Decal

I Love The Smell Of Nail Polish In The Morning by Lilypad Lacquer

I Love The Smell Of NP In the Morning

I Love The Smell Of Nail Polish In The Morning is a medium blue base with a scattered holo, gold flakes and a subtle purple shift.  I used 2 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

I Love The Smell Of NP In the Morning side

I Love The Smell Of NP In the Morning CU

I Love The Smell Of NP In the Morning full

Ciao Bi#%$es by Glam Polish

Ciao Bi#$es

Ciao Bi#%$es is a black jelly holo with a rainbow mix of holographic hex and micro glitter.  A seriously sparkly shade!  I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos

Ciao Bi#$es side

Ciao Bi#$es CU

Ciao Bi#$es AL

Ciao Bi#$es AL CU


What a great box!  I love the mix of polishes and I got to try 3 new indie makers (Lilypad Lacquer, Peita’s Polish and Dead Set Babes) and I received 2 more polishes from makers I’ve dealt with before and love (Femme Fatale and Glam Polish).  I had no application issues with any of these shades and I will definitely wear all of these again!

Price: $49.99 per box

Where To Buy: Peita’s Polish Website

Orders close on May 31st, so if you want the special Birthday box, make sure you get your order in by then!

Remember – The June box is their 1st Birthday so they are celebrating with an All Holo box.  Each creator is making 2 OOAK polishes (10 in total) that will be put into 10 random customer’s boxes as their gift. 

Want to see hints for future boxes?  Check out the What’s In-die Box Facebook Page!

Also be sure to check out each maker on their websites and Facebook pages!

Femme Fatale: Facebook | Website

Dead Set Babes: Facebook | Website

Peita’s Polish: Facebook | Website

Lilypad Lacquer: Facebook | Website

Glam Polish: Facebook | Website

What did you think about What’s In-die Box?  I personally loved it!

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Nidia - Lit From Within May 27, 2014 - 10:14 pm

I used to read all the Sookie Stackhouse books, but only watched True Blood once. Some of these are fun polishes! I think my fave is the Lilypad Lacquer.

Kath TheFabZilla May 27, 2014 - 10:47 pm

Great swatches! I like that fang decal!

Leelo R May 28, 2014 - 1:15 am

I´ve never heard of this box before. Eric In Chains looks very pretty!

NORAH LOVES MAKEUP May 28, 2014 - 5:25 am

What a nice box! I didnt know about this particular one.

BeautyJudy May 28, 2014 - 7:06 am

That red! LOVE!!!!! Great swatches!

Pink Sith May 28, 2014 - 7:14 am

Eric in Chains and Ciao are my faves. What a neat service to have!

Kim May 28, 2014 - 8:00 am

Eric in chains and ciao b’s are calling my name

Jamie @ Makeuplifelove May 28, 2014 - 8:04 am

What a great box. OMG I love the name and I think Ciao B*%&$ might be something I need ASAP. Great swatches and post. Beautiful!!

Anastasia May 28, 2014 - 8:47 am

Wow, that red is absolutely stunning!

Phyrra May 28, 2014 - 10:10 am

I like Sookie

Never Say Die Beauty May 28, 2014 - 11:07 am

Love All Flavour Not Bite. gorgeous!

Sheila (Painted Ladies) May 28, 2014 - 11:08 am

What a great idea for a subscription box – great colors, too!

Cosmetics Aficionado May 28, 2014 - 11:30 am

What a nice selection of products!

Aleya Bamdad May 28, 2014 - 12:45 pm

Such pretty colors! I love the sparkles.

Destany May 28, 2014 - 3:31 pm

LOVE True Blood :) I have read a lot of the books, as well. Great swatches :)

Justina May 28, 2014 - 5:59 pm

Ciao b*ches is my fave!

Miranda May 28, 2014 - 7:40 pm

Eric in Chains!! Want!!

Brooke @ Blushing Noir May 29, 2014 - 6:06 am

haha I want Ciao B*&(^*% for the name (it’s also beautiful)

Jess Scull May 29, 2014 - 7:11 am

LOVE this box! What a great range of brands!

Kendra May 29, 2014 - 10:50 am

Sookie is the perfect bridal polish I think!

Kimmi @ The Plastic Diaries May 29, 2014 - 8:20 pm

I think it’s good and bad that they are all once-offs. At least you know that few people will ever have the same lacquers as you.

Honeygirlk May 30, 2014 - 1:24 pm

Sookie and Eric in Chains are gorgeous shades. :)

Betzy Carmona May 30, 2014 - 6:41 pm

erin in chains is very pretty


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