July 2019 Polish Pickup | Throwback 2019

by Lisa Heath
July 2019 Polish Pickup | Throwback 2019

Press Sample of the July 2019
Polish Pickup | Throwback 2019

This month has been super crazy with appointments and everything, but I’m finally getting this post up for the July 2019 Polish Pickup Throwback 2019 shop!

So I wasn’t going to dig through and find every polish I’ve previously done for Polish Pickup that was coming back. This is kind of my low-key month so I can take a little time off and decompress.

I went through and grabbed photos from previous posts that I’ve done that are back for July. There will be a whole separate post for the After Party polishes coming back as well. I almost did them in 1 post, but it would be too many photos and too confusing – so that will be posted later.

For full disclosure – I’m short on time, so I am straight copy/pasting info for this post. This is more a “What’s coming back!” style post and not a real review type post. There will be a giveaway for 5 VIP Passes and 5 PPU Gift Cards at the bottom though – so there’s that.

The majority of these are 3 thin coats in application. It’s been a long time for some – but I generally do 3 coats. I never do 4 coats for Polish Pickup – so expect each polish to be 2-3 coats max.

Let’s do this.

1850 Artisan Polish | Orion’s Belt

Description: a denim blue base with copper shimmer, linear holo, holo microflakes, and a variety of aurora shimmers. Inspired by the beautiful night sky depiction of Orion the Hunter.

Inspiration: The Orion the Hunter constellation

Price: $12.50 | No Cap

3Cheers4Ears | Horror Icons 3D Printed Keychains

Inspiration: Pennywise from Stephen King’s It, Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, Carol Anne from Poltergeist, & Ghostface from Scream

Description: Our 3D printed keychains are lightweight and made of durable PLA (Polylactic Acid) filament in Glow in the Dark, Opaque & Translucent colors and attached with a Split Key Ring and Chain.

Price: $5.00 Each | No Cap

77 Nail Lacquer | Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Description:  a black jelly base with red holo microshreds, silver holo microglitter and blue to purple to red shifting pigment.

Inspiration:  PPU October 10/18 VILLAINS – Negan from the Walking Dead

Price: $13.00 | Cap: 75

Alter Ego | Chione

Description:  a clear base loaded with metallic silver and pearl white microflecks…reserved for the most special of polishes. Use alone or as a topper.

Price: $11.00 | No Cap

Bath Crumbs by Alter Ego Body Care Products

Inspiration: The Disney movie Fantasia

Description: Bath crumbs are basically a bath bomb not shaped. Scented with Fantasia which is like a fruit punch type scent. Reviewers have smelled cherry, lemon, lime and orange, depending on their personal senses.

Price: $7.50 | Cap: 20

AURORA 5-Free Nail Lacquer | 1.21 Gigawatts!!!

Description:  a deep navy UCC polish with red/gold UCC and multi-color flakies.

Inspiration: Thunder and lightning, the famous Hill Valley lightning storm from Back to the Future

Price: $12.00 | Cap: 100 Bottles

Acetone Antidote by Baroness X | Unicorns w/ Frickin’ Light Saber Horns

Inspiration: Unicorns with a light saber for a horn.

Description: Use this to keep your nails and cuticles from being damaged and dried out from acetone. No more ashy, dry skin!

This month’s scent is a rewind from December ’18, instead of the red ombre bottle, it will be in a violet ombre bottle this time. Unicorns w/ Frickin’ Light Saber Horns is a blend of passionfruit, nectarine, mango and apple puree finished with a touch of plumeria and fresh lemon zest.

Price: $4.25 | No Cap

Bluebird Lacquer | Centaur of Attention

Description: A deep glowy ruby red linear holo. It is opaque in one coat.

The polish is extremely pigmented and can leave a mild stain but this is prevented with a base coat.

A mini base coat will come with each purchase!

Inspiration:  Maxfield Parrish’s Jason and his Teacher

Price: $11.00 | No Cap

BLUSH Lacquers | Snail Shells and Mermaid Tails

Description:  A light blue based polish with a green-blue-purple shifting shimmer and a linear holo.

Inspiration:  Abalone Snail Shells

Price: $12.75 | No Cap

By Dany Vianna | Poppy Fields

Description: Red orange-ish jellly base with gold shimmer, holographic flakies and mix of black glitters

Inspiration: Georgia O’Keefe’s poppy paintings

Price: $11.50 | Cap: 100 Bottles

Cameo Colours Lacquers | Rainbow Moonstone Magic

Description: A grayish-white scattered holo crelly with electric blue micro flakes, indigo/purple/aqua shimmer, blue-purple-aqua iridescent microglitters, and holo micro flakes.

Inspiration:  Rainbow Moonstones

Price: $12.00 | No Cap

Candy Shop Coconut Milk Soap by Nailed it Hawaii

Inspiration: The Heathers Musical

Description: A vegan, coconut milk soap inspired by The Heathers Musical! “Candy Shop” is scented in a blend of juicy fruit chews, green apple, and rainbow sherbet. It’s topped with handmade soap gummy bears!

Price: $6.95 | Cap: 45

Chirality Polish | Ragnarök You Like A Hurricane

Description: an inky black jelly base with holo microglitters and various sizes of blood red glitters.

Inspiration:  Ragnarök

Price: $10.00 | No Cap

Colores de Carol | Balloon Dog

Description: a metallic multichrome burnt orange with iridescent orange flakes.

Inspiration:  This was inspired by the Balloon Dog sculpture by Jeff Koons.

Price: $12.50 | No Cap

Crystal Knockout | Heart of the Witch

Description: A blue-lavender holo base with a red/gold aurora, purple and gold shimmer, holographic micro flakies, and iridescent blue flakes.

Inspiration:  The Craft

Price: $12.00 | No Cap

Cuticula | Dole Whip Wonderstruck Top Coat

Description: Dole Whip scented Top Coat filled with 2 different sizes and finishes of micro gold flakes.

One easy coat will give your mani the perfect amount of gold flakes.

Price: $9.00 | No Cap

Different Dimension | Purple Rain

Description: mulberry purple linear holographic polish with added color shifting pigment with a gorgeous pink flash

(originally in July 2017 Polish Pickup, Mocktails & Cocktails)

Price: $11.00 | No Cap

Dollish Polish | Merci’ Bouquet

Description: Iris purple with strong turquoise green shimmer

Inspiration: Monet’s ‘Purple Irises’ painting

Price: $12.50 | No Cap

ellagee | Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum

Inspiration: Margaret Atwood’s eerily timely book, The Handmaid’s Tale.

Description: A rich, deep red with red shimmer and bright red translucent flakes. Created with a velvety matte finish but also looks delicious with a glossy top coat. Originally from March 2018.

Price: $12.00 | No Cap

Emulsified Sugar Scrub by STELLA CHROMA | Moscato

Inspiration: A refreshing glass of Moscato

Description: A fresh, fruity but not overly sweet scent that is ahhhhmazing!

Price: $6.00 | No Cap

Ethereal Lacquer | Moonlit Machete

Description: A moonlit tanzanite base full of red, copper to green iridescent flakies. Inspired by Jason and his Machete in the moonlight!

Back from the September 2018 Horror movies theme!

Price: $12.50 | No Cap

Fair Maiden Polish | Cosmic Confection

Description: Cosmic Confection is an intensely pigmented blue jelly with a chromatic flame shifting from dark purple to teal and hints of yellow green, finished with various sizes of scattered holo pigment.

Inspiration:  A galaxy inspired cupcake.  Originally debuted in February 2018 and to date been Fair Maiden’s top selling polish of all time.

Price: $11.00 | No Cap

Girly Bits | Not Waterlilies

Description: an intentionally sheer cyan blue base with amazing copper-red to green colour shifting shimmer, and blue to aqua colour shifting iridescent flakes.

It is opaque in three coats on shorter nails and on those with less prominent nail lines.

Price: $13.00 | Cap: 200 Bottles

Glisten & Glow | Beaches & Bonfires Wax Melt

Description: Beaches & Bonfires is a warm sea breezed night laughing with friends with a salted margarita around a beach bonfire.

3 oz. of parasoy wax in a clamshell container

Fragrance notes:
Sea salt breeze, grapefruit, lime, toasted marshmallow, cloves, white flint accord, french vanilla, creamy sandalwood and cedar

Price: $5.00 | No Cap

Grace-Full Nail Polish | Fairy Footprints

Description: a pink leaning rose gold holo with rose gold and silver flakes and holo micro glitter. It has a beautiful foil finish that dances on your fingertips.

Price: $12.50 | Cap: 100 Bottles

Great Lakes Lacquer | O’Rlyeh?

Description:  A deep mossy green liner holographic overrun with red to gold to green multichrome pigment.

Inspiration: cthulhu

Price: $12.50 | No Cap

Indie by Patty Lopes | Piano plays for Grace

Description: Rose/copper/green, holographic, flakies multichrome/holo and purple micro glitters.

Inspiration: The Others movie

Price: $12.00 | Cap: 80 Bottles

Kathleen & Co | Blues Your Illusion

Description: aqua Multichrome that shifts to blue and purple. Added aurora that shifts in similar colors gives it an extra glow that makes this polish stand out amongst multichromes.

Inspiration: Guns N Roses album Use Your Illusion

Price: $12.50 | Cap: 75 Bottles

KBShimmer | Some Like It Scot

Description: a multichrome polish, from the vibrant emerald to the deep teals and blues, shifts of green, blue and deep indigo. With a touch of micro holo flake to add sparkle and shine.

Inspiration: Outlander

Price: $10.00 | No Cap

Lilly Anne’s Garden | Crayola Rainbow Lotion

Inspiration: Crayola Art

Description: Rainbow Sherbet 2 oz Lotion.

The aroma of fresh lime, pineapple, orange, and raspberry, with creamy base notes of vanilla. Mouth watering!

Price: $5.50 | Cap: 120

Lollipop Posse Lacquer | Spirit of the Kohaku River 2.0

Description: a blue crelly base with duochrome shimmer that shifts between green and blue, scattered holographic pigment, and a smattering of pink/gold/bronze/green multichrome flakes.

Please note! Due to supply issues, ‘Spirit of the Kohaku River 2.0’ will come to you in a flat, rectangular 11 ml bottle with a matte black cap and flat brush. These are slightly different than the typical Lollipop bottle shape, but once our bottle supply is back, customers will have the option of requesting an empty, labeled Lollipop bottle for decanting – free of charge!

Price: $12.00 | No Cap

Lucky 13 Lacquer | The Unicorn’s Lilac Wood