July 2019 Polish Pickup | After Party

by Lisa Heath
July 2019 Polish Pickup | After Party

Press Sample of July 2019
Polish Pickup | After Party

We are back for part 2 of the July 2019 Polish Pickup – this time it’s the After Party!

Last week we looked at the Flashback/Throwback – which allowed makers to bring back a previous shade in the Polish Pickup shop. The After Party allows each maker to bring yet another polish/product back and host it within their own stores.

Most of these polishes have already been on my blog, so this is less of a review and more of a “let’s see what else is coming back!” post. I will be copy/pasting a lot of the info rather than trying to reaching into the depths of my mommy brain and trying to remember everything.

The majority of these are 3 thin coats in application. It’s been a long time for some – but I generally do 3 coats. I never do 4 coats for Polish Pickup – so expect each polish to be 2-3 coats max.

Ready? Let’s do it.

77 Nail Lacquer | Cherry On Top

Cherry On Top 2.0 is a bright red-orange with gold shimmer.

Price: $12.50 | Click Here To Buy

1850 Artisan Polish | The Final Problem

The Final Problem is inspired by Sherlock’s nemesis, the evil mastermind Professor Moriarty. This dark and moody deep blue multichrome shifts to purple and gold and is accented with gold microflakes.

Price: $12.00 | Click Here To Buy

Alter Ego Nail Enamel | Altarf AKA Beat Cancri

A golden yellow base with metallic red-orange flakies and copper shimmer, it is out of this world!

Price: $8.00 | Click Here To Buy | Special: Free Shipping on orders over $25.00 (no code needed)

Alter Ego Nail Enamel | Green Apple Wax

The scent is amazing, smells exactly like green apples, you’ve got to smell it to believe it!  6 blocks, easily broken to melt as many as you would.

Price: $4.00 | Click Here To Buy | Special: Free Shipping on orders over $25.00 (no code needed)

Aurora 5 Free Nail Lacquer | It’s Britney B*tch

Oops we did it again! Just admit it, you loved Britney Spears – girly Britney, sexy Britney, bald Britney – whichever one was your fav, it doesn’t matter because AURORA is back with “It’s Britney B*tch” for March Polish Pickup! All eyes are on this polish because it is a circus of UCC flakies, metallic flakies, gold flakies and color shifting flakies. Build it up and wear it on its own or put it over black and watch the colors pop!

Price: $12.00 | Click Here To Buy

Baroness X | Acetone Antidote in Cap’n Crunch Berries

This acetone additive has glycerin and jojoba oil to help protect and moisturize your nails, skin, and cuticles during polish removal. The added emulsifier will ensure your mix actually stays mixed after shaking once prior to each use. Most acetone additives do not have this ingredient which causes you to have to shake the acetone bottle at least a few times during polish removal.

Polish Pickup After Party Scents:

  • Almond Orange Spire – this scent is reminiscent of a blend of orange and almond liqueur. (it’s on the fruity, sweet side; but a grown up version, not really a candy or straight fruit scent)
  • Cap’n Crunch Berries – just like the cereal
  • Cherry Ice Cream Smile – a creamy scent mix of cherry ice cream with a bit of pie crumble topping. There’s NO fake medicine-like, pungent, cherry smell here…this smells just like actual cherry ice cream.
  • Sharks w/ Frickin’ Laser Beams – a saltwater marine based scent with a mix of the following added: iced tea, coconut water, green apple, lemon and kiwi

$3.75 | Click Here To Buy | Special: Orders $35+ will receive a free 8ml of either Liquid Crystal Top Coat or Riveted Base Coat and the PPU polish is discounted to help cover the shipping.

Bluebird Lacquer | Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice is a neon pink crelly base with blue to purple ultrachrome chameleon flakes and a micro rainbow flakes, as well as a tiny amount of scattered holo.

$11.50 | Click Here To Shop

BLUSH Lacquers | Electric Bloom

Shown is the original Electric Bloom – it has been reformulated as a 2.0 version.

Electric Bloom 2.0 (2019) is a completely reformulated version of our May 2017 “Science” themed Polish Pickup shade, Electric Bloom. We are unable to bring back the original polish due to fading issues with the neon pigment and because the original shimmer pigment used in this polish is no longer available. While Electric Bloom 2.0 (2019) is not an exact match to the original, it is very, very, close and equally as beautiful! The main differences are that the new version is a little darker and less “neon” (though still quite “bright” in color). The new shimmer is a slightly larger particle size and has a subtle purple shift. We describe Electric Bloom 2.0 (2019) as a magenta based polish with a blue-purple shifting shimmer and holo flakes.

$12.75 | Click Here To Shop | Special: SHIPBLOOMFREE – Free shipping on entire order (international or domestic). 1 use per person, shipping costs must be $40 USD or less to qualify.

By Dany Vianna Esmaltes Artesanais | Forest Of Gold

Forest of Gold is a golden yellow jelly base with a semi subtle scattered holographic effect, as well as metallic gold micro flakes, purple to blue to green to gold multichrome micro flakes, gold galaxy glitters and gold holo microglitter.

$12.00 | Click Here To Buy

Cameo Colours Lacquers | Til We Both See the Light

Inspired by the album cover of Twenty One Pilot’s self-titled album, ‘Til We Both See the Light is medium grey crelly base with an assortment of vibrant ultra chrome flakes in a variety of colors and a smattering of silver holographic micro flakes.

$11.00 | Click Here To Buy

Crystal Knockout | Enchanted Nightbird

It’s a dusky mauve to deep eggplant thermal with a subtle linear holo, holographic micro flakies, and a red glow.

$12.00 | Click Here To Buy | Special: Free Domestic Shipping – No Code Needed

Cuticula Nail Care | Grow A Pair Scented Products

Grow A pear is a fizzy pop soda mixed with fresh pears. Made for PPU Badass Woman month inspired by Lucille Ball.

Available in Base coats, Top coats, Confection, and Nail Nectar

Click Here To Buy

DIFFERENT dimension | Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge is a black jelly base with a nice scattering of silver holographic micro flecks.

Available July 12th

Click Here To Buy

Dollish Polish | If One Wolf Survives, The Sheep Are Never Safe

“If One Wolf Survives, The Sheep Are Never Safe” is a midnight blue scattered holo with an amethyst color shift and loaded with silver holo micro flakes and red shimmer flakes!

$12.50 | Click Here To Buy

Dreamland Lacquer | Giverny

Aqua blue jelly filled with tiny holo glitters, holo pigment, and pink to gold iridescent flakies.

$12.00 | Click Here To Buy  | Special: free US shipping on orders over $20 with code FS20 | FS20INTL will give a $5.00 discount on orders international orders over $20

Emily de Molly | Cute As A Button

A purple that leans almost a light denim blue with iridescent flakes that shift though orange, pink and green.

$10.00 | Click Here To Buy

Ethereal Lacquer | Moonlit Mist

A deepened indigo base with iridescent flakies, aurora shimmer and small particle color shifting flakies

Available July 12th

$12.50 | Click Here To Buy

Fair Maiden Polish | You Got It Dude

A red neon flake crelly with a subtle blue shimmer that can give the polish a pinkish, coral look.  The flakes shift purple-turquoise-blue.  Opacity should easily be reached in 2 coats.

$11.00 | Click Here To Buy

Forty Winks | Unity Jewelry

This design was made using 6 indie polishes including “unicorn pee” and glow in the dark polishes. This is the settings that were originally available but you may customize to any setting and metal tone you desire in the drop-down menu. Charge up in sunlight or artificial light for a strong glow. pendants come with black silk cord, 18 inches, 2 inch extension. Zinc alloy clasp.

$8.00-$12.00 | Click Here To Buy | Special: 20% off whole shop, FREESHIPUS for free domestic shipping, PPU350 for international discount with over $15 spent.

Geekish Glitter Lacquer | Crash Queens & Motor Babies

Crash Queens and Motor Babies is the July Polish Pickup Afterparty polish. It will be available until July 31st. This was available during Polish Pickup March 2019. This is a turquoise crelly with gold microflakies and hot pink-violet-gold UCC flakies.

$10.00 | Click Here To Buy

Great Lakes Lacquer | … Whatever

….whatever is a multichrome mega holographic featuring holo micro flakes, with shifts of red to gold to green with a neutral twist.

Available July 12th

$12.00 | Click Here To Buy

Indie Lacquer | Queen of Pop

Inspired by Madonna, this is a coral red neon polish with matte and holographic black glitters. It is more coral in person than my photos show.

$7.00 | Click Here To Buy

Jior Couture | WTF

WTF is a stunner in a vibrant violent (cool) and passionate pink (cool) transition with an accenting Aurora glow that shifts violet to pink.

$12.50 | Click Here To Buy | Special: 25% off order with the purchase of $20 or more using code July25

JReine | Hiya Georgie

Red to Yellow thermal with flakies and aurora shimmer.

$13.00 | Click Here To Buy

Kathleen & Co | The Duchess

The Duchess is a cornflower blue crelly base with copper shimmer, scattered holographic pigment and holographic microglitters.

$11.00 | Click Here To Buy

KBShimmer | If You Want My Bodice

Some women have a dirty little secret: every night they escape to a world where a handsome man lusts after their busty figure, and not even a laced up bodice could still the passion that burned between them. At the end of the day, when that beloved book with racy cover gets placed in the nightstand, the pages worn and dog-eared, those women thank Harlequin and Silhouette for the tales of intrigue, romance, and of course, lust. Based on the cover of a “bodice ripper” romance, KBShimmer’s If You Want My Bodice is full of lusty goodness. This shifty polish starts with a blend of multichrome pigments that in indirect light, help this polish travel from a cool minty teal to a deep lavender. Flecks of unicorn flakes shift in a rainbow of colors that dance among the colorful base. In brighter light, micro holo flakes sparkle, while deeper hues of magenta and blue come out to play.

$10.00 | Click Here To Buy

Lollipop Posse Lacquer | Your Name Belongs to Me Now 2.0

Inspired by Yubaba (also from “Spirited Away”) and her name-stealing ways, this shade is a navy blue crelly that suspends red/green shifting shimmer, rust/red/green shifting multichrome pigment, and holographic flakies. Please note that due to pigment changes at the manufacturing level, the 2.0 version of this polish is visibly different from the original in several ways. The new shifting pigment causes the base to lean a darker shade of navy, but there is definitely more multichrome shift!

Available July 14th-July 31st

$12.00 | Click Here To Buy | Special: Use Code THREEFORYOU for $3 off any order containing the LPP rewind shade

Lucky 13 Lacquer | Secretly A Mermaid

Secretly A Mermaid is a seafoam blue to deep ocean teal thermal with red to green color shifting shimmer, red to gold to green and purple to blue to green color shifting crystal flakes.

$13.00 | Click Here To Buy | Special: use the code LUCKY at our website for free shipping on all US orders $13+

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