JReine Bits Of Reinebows | Girly Bits Exclusive

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of JReine
Bits Of Reinebows | Girly Bits Exclusive

Good morning and happy Monday! It’s been a rough few days dealing with things, but I’m trying to kind of keep on track here. On Saturday Girly Bits released their Unicorn Pee Collection, but they also released a new shop exclusive from JReine! We’re looking at the JReine Bits Of Reinebows Girly Bits Exclusive today!

As I said, this is a Girly Bits shop exclusive – so you won’t find it on the JReine site. Girly Bits now carries the JReine brand, so you can grab their goodies at Girly Bits now!

Let’s jump right into this magical number!

JReine | Bits Of Reinebows

Bits of Reinebows is a mega linear holographic multichrome that looks primarily gunmetal but you get to see flashes of gold, green, blue, copper and red. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

JReine Bits Of Reinebows | Girly Bits Exclusive

I’ve always loved holo shades, so mega holos obviously grab my heart. This is a beautifully done shade with amazing application. It did require 3 coats for me, as I found the first 2 didn’t reach full opacity. If you use especially thick coats – you might get away with 2, but I think 3 is the magic number.

There’s also still some Girly Bits Unicorn Pee shades available too – so check out my post on those to add onto your order with this beauty.

Where To Buy: The Girly Bits Website


What do you think? Will you be picking this up?

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